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Himalayan College for Learning Excellence

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Himalayan College for Learning Excellence (HICOLE) is a prominent educational institution for providing academic programs such as BCA, BBS, BA, and CA. It was established in the year 2005 AD with a strong affiliation with the T.U. board, which holds one of the greatest significances for education development in Nepal. Located in Gaushala, Shiphal, Kathmandu, HICOLE has a perfectly harmonious course that binds individuals with diverse interests within the same compound. The main notion of this institution is to inculcate an enthusiastic band of students and make them able to face the trials and tribulations of the 21st century. Provided that, Himalayan College certainly trains individuals to keep in touch with their culture, customs, traditions, and values.


However, Himalayan College, since its inception, has held a firm belief in changing traditional practices when one came to that juncture. And no matter what year it has found itself in—it has always heartened curiosity, harnessed creativity, and is apt to the newfound knowledge and rapidly developing world.

Mission, Vision, and Objective

At the center of HICOLE’S vision lies a comprehensive and pragmatic way of education that promotes entrepreneurship as much as certification and career development. The purpose of HICOLE is to commission individuals with sharp eruditeness by exposing them to practical learning conditions, e.g., internships. And by soliciting such exposure, Himalayan College's mission is to develop candidates with entrepreneurial and leadership aptitude. Therefore, in a certain manner, we assist the pupils to overcome the challenge in their academic pursuit.

HICOLE is home to 1000+ happy students, 250 awards, 150+ various courses, and four intriguing academic programs.

Why Himalayan College for Learning Excellence ?

HICOLE envisions providing the best possible management education at an affordable price. They provide several additional facilities apart from the educational facilities and motivate the students to perform better. HICOLE has adopted a modern education system and activity-based learning that bring out the creative and competitive skills in the students that help them cope with the challenging working environment. Trained and professional teachers are appointed to lead the candidates toward academic excellence.

Scholarships at Himalayan College for Learning Excellence

There’s a variety of scholarship schemes (that have special perks) available to top-notch students. Not to mention, the availability of special need-based scholarship programs for individuals who are of indigenous and poor groups in the community.

The various programs at Himalayan College for Learning Excellence are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor in Business studies will help the students attain the vast knowledge of management, operation, marketing of the organization. Anyone keen on delving into the world of business should have the technical knowledge of business. BBS helps you pursue just that by assisting you in developing your mindset, attitudes, practical and many more skills that you require. Also, it is a great stepping stone for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor in Computer Application also known as BCA offers the students to venture into the world where the knowledge of computer applications are provided in a conceptual and pragmatic manner. The IT industry is a leading market of the modern world, just like arts & craft was in the 19th century. Therefore, it is only plausible that there is a huge demand for computer professionals to be filled. And it is only plausible that you pursue this path and fill that void.BCA class runs from 6:30 to 10:30 am excluding the weekends.

Bachelor of Arts

There’s a multitude of careers that students can pursue, unlike what the rumor has it, the students of BA can engage in teaching, professional journalism, NGO & INGO works, Social work and governmental offices.