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Himalayan Institute of Science and Technology

Contact Information

Phone: 015202726 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Himalayan Institute of Science & Technology (HIST) was established in the year 2002 (2059 B.S) with an affiliation to Purbanchal University. It is located at Gwarko, Lalitpur. It is situated near Asian Engineering College.

HIST, having a reputation which precedes itself, is a college that students are attracted to in a bulk, especially, the scholars who are seeking to study Bachelor and Masters Programs.

Bachelor course at HIST, which consists of BE Electronic & Communication and BE Civil, runs its classes in the morning from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm. Likewise, the master’s program that includes MSC. Engineering management & MSC. Information System Technology is held in the evening from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. HIST college abides by the rules, regulations, policies, and syllables designed by the PU and Nepal Engineering Council which is why the results of the students are almost always peaking with academic brilliance.

Mission, Vision, and Objective

During 2012, the vision, mission, & the objective of HIST had been reformulated in order to match the caliber of the current competition. To put it bluntly, HIST college professes a strong commitment towards strategic planning so as to hit the mark and achieve the goals and objectives that they have embarked upon. In doing so, they are keen on personifying the name of their college and the University that it is affiliated to.

The current goal which is to establish HIST as a prominent college in the field of science & technology by helping the students  prosper, in turn prospering themself, is estimated to have been fulfilled by the year 2032 (2089 B.S). Likewise, the initiation, which is to tower HIST as a best technological university, is nothing to be sneezed at but rather it is to be celebrated and encouraged.

Why HIST ?

There are an insurmountable number of reasons as to why HIST is a best college for students aspiring to pursue their careers in engineering. First being the affordable cost of course that students can immerse in deeply and technically. Second is the availability of all lab equipment and tutors who are highly skilled to inculcate the students about the specific usage of the machine and its working theory. Last but not the least, it is the college location (that upheld serene environment) also, the ideal which adheres to discipline as a best policy.


Teachers and a classroom are the cornerstone of any educational institution, and HIST have that stone in quite an abundance. The best certified teacher from around Nepal is hired by HIST for your convenience. Infrastructures of the college is likewise with a four storied building constructed in the area of one and half a propane. Within which computer labs, lecture halls, administrative offices, drawing halls are to be found. Besides that, a three storied building located at the southwest direction of the land is a special residence to the computer center and library.

Additionally, there's unlimited access to optical fiber based broadband internet for the undisturbed exchange of information and flawless communication. Also, to top it all off, there’s a project room available to the students with components of dismantled hardware and software which could be used for strengthening theoretical knowledge with the help of practicality.

The various programs at HIST are as follows:

MSc Information System Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

Bachelor in Electronics And Communication Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Management