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ICHM Nepal / International College of Hospitality Management

Contact Information

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International College of Hospitality Management (ICHM) is based on the philosophy of commitment to excellence for students seeking the finest education and training in the field of the hospitality industry. The International University of Georgia provides sound knowledge and skills required program for the field of Hotel Management industries. 

Principal Message

The essence of life can be best defined by loving the things we do or doing the things we love. Experience ICHM Nepal to learn with pleasure. We don't say we are the best but we prove that we are the best. 

Program Coordinator.


Why ICHM ?

  • Classroom lectures,
  • Extracurricular
  • College tours and college visits,
  • Games tournament,
  • Opportunities for earning side income,
  • Friendly teacher and environment,
  • Practical classes on presentations,
  • Good practical labs,
  • Yoga dance

Additional Information

  • Personal counseling,
  • Language classes every semester,
  • The fee structure is very affordable for Nepalese students

The various programs at ICHM are as follows:

Bachelor of Hotel Management

If you are looking for opportunities to join the hospitality industry, BHM program of ICHM College affiliated to University of Georgia might be the good choice for you. It provides four years course in hotel Management at an affordable cost. The College also organises College tour, indstrial visits, extracurricular activities, practical classes to support the BHM learning environment.