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Ideal English Secondary School, having a strong bond and close affiliation with the NEB board, is a prominent educational establishment offering two academic programs for the +2 level. Despite the lack of Science faculty, it's unwise to discard this college just yet because the teachers and syllables of Management and Humanities here are considered top-notch.

Ideal English Secondary School is situated at Chabahil, Kathmandu, several kilometers deep into the peaceful and serene location. It is a favorable college for anyone because honking cars, bustling crowds, rushing traffic, and pollution will not cause any sort of disturbance. It is located at the most ideal location that any ardent scholar can ask for.

Vision & Mission

This academy sets the vision to promote stable progress throughout the generations. And since its inception in the year 1982, it has adopted a stern attitude that will allow the staff to adhere to this philosophy and help the scholars grow and develop into innovative and creative personnel.

Moreover, Ideal English Secondary School believes that keeping students interactive throughout the class will salvage them from failing to succeed. And never letting one failure of a student hamper or reflect on their morale, demeanor, and confidence is one of the key aspects of their mission.


Ideal English Secondary has several facilities available:

  • Own building and several vehicles to its name,
  • availability of myriads of books on countless topics as well as course books in the library,
  • As for the sport, the academy offers a single basketball court with hoops on each side, a table-tennis board, and a playground to engage in fun activities.

Why Ideal English

As mentioned earlier, it is the sereneness of the compound that the college has that tops the list of why you must choose Ideal English Secondary School for your academic endeavors. Likewise, an optimistic atmosphere that uplifts mood can be as stimulating for teachers as it is for students. In a nutshell, the overall performance of staff and students alike is heightened due to this reason which will greatly encompass the success of the final results in the long run.

Scholarships at Ideal English

There’s a fair chance for candidates to acquire scholarships if they have passed the SEE examination with as high a GPA as possible

Extra Information

A positive education system, interactive learning environment, several E.C.A. activities, certified experts, and professional teachers are at the helm of turning any school into a powerhouse of success. And Ideal secondary school has it all, that being said, they are driven by the motto “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” which encourages the team of administration to pursue and strive at education then molding them into fine individuals who respect the right of other and will take part in molding the future shape of the nation.

Ergo, admission fees are affordable and reasonable with scholarship opportunities available for promising candidates.

Scholarships at Ideal English

There’s a fair chance for candidates to acquire scholarships if they have passed the SEE examination with as high a GPA as possible

The various programs at Ideal English are as follows:

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management