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If you are looking for the best college in town for the business program, then you are right here at the Institute of Management Studies, established and managed by professionals from commercial banks, industrialists, and different experts.

The Institute of Management Studies offers business courses with entrepreneurship and professional managerial experience. With a sole aim to generate ingenious and creative ideas, this institute has been continuously contributing to making good corporate personnel. Our crew of highly qualified professionals with years of teaching experience will guide you through every problem you face during learning. Our staff is cooperative and always willing to help the students with their problems. In addition to this, they will help you develop analytical experience and logical reasoning.

The Institute of Management Studies focuses on overall development by providing considerable extracurricular supplements and other overall leadership and personality development aids; constant interactions with corporate leaders having diverse capabilities; successive corporate case and problem-solving exercises; and other student-centered programs.

This college provides BBA and BIM programs at the bachelor's level.

Mission of IMS

  • Grooming students to make them professional,
  • Provide professional training and combine information technology with managerial skills.
  • To develop socially responsible, scientific-approachable, result-oriented professionals.


  • Raise the Nepalese economy in the global economic scenario.
  • Shape the future of our country,
  • Create dynamic and creative professionals.


The Institute of Management Studies will arrange internship and placement opportunities in leading banks, insurance companies, and industries after the completion of the course in its final form, mapping individual student potential to guide them with the right opportunities for career advancement. We believe that education, to be compelling, should not only concentrate on delivering theoretical concepts but also on providing an environment where students can practice what they read or learned in the classroom premises. Considering this, free laptops are provided so they can carve out workable solutions for all situations, taking both businesses and IT collectively, where they get to put their ideas and skills to work.

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The various programs at Institute of the Management Studies are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor's in Business Studies(BBS) offered at Institute of Management Studies(IMS) serves individual to develop required attitudes, abilities and other practical skills that give support in interpersonal capabilities to students to make them effective in the society. For more information click the link.

Bachelor of Business Administration

If you are curious in being socially responsive, have a capability of creating original ideas and originate better results when taking up challenges in managerial position while the business world of the 21st century is quickly expanding, then Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA) in Institute Of Management Studies(IMS) will be the right choice for you.For more information browse the link.

Bachelor of Information Management

Institute Of Management desires students to be highly qualified and wants to widen knowledge in unique opportunity of interdisciplinary education in Information and Communication Technology as well as management by conducting the program Bachelors of Information Management(BIM). Browse more to get all the details.