International Center for Academic College of Distance Education and Online Studies (ICA)

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International Center For Academic College (ICA) is an Award-winning College that was established in 1997 and since then they have been providing educational services to the nation. In 2002, it became the first Partner Institution (PI) now known as the Overseas Study Center (OSC) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). It is one of the creators of the Institution Of Open and Distant Learning (ODL). ICA is approved by the Ministry Of Education, Government of Nepal. This academic college is the only educational Institution from Nepal to become a member of the Asian Association of Open Universities. Through the ODL mode of education, it has been providing internationally acclaimed degrees.

ICA presently offers Nine different programs related to Academic, Value Added and Awareness programs through Open and Distance Learning(ODI) mode In Social Science, Humanities, Management, tourism, and Computer Science. This institute is providing a unique chance to hundreds of learners who have completed their graduation, post-graduation, under-graduation, diploma, and certificate-level program to study and work at the same time. The two of the learner from ICA, Mr. Gagan Gurung in 2011 and Ms. Kirtan Shrestha in 2016 both have been awarded the renowned Nepal Bidhya Busan award. Other Ten Learners from this academy have received IGNOU Gold Medals in the faculty of Management, Tourism Studies, Computer Science and Health Science, Sociology, and Rural Development in the past.

Here are the objectives based on their website:

  • To provide quality knowledge at a reasonable price.
  • To provide higher education to a mass section of the population.
  • To provide opportunities to those who have missed the platform to continue their degree.
  • To produce or develop manpower in various sectors of the country.

Why ICA College

As ICA is an approved study center according to the Ministry of Education, Govt. In Nepal, the quality of education and the congenital Academic Environment are fully provided. An efficient student support system is maintained to study on own time, pace, and place. The well-managed and equipped lab and library facilities are available at a reasonable price

The various programs at ICA College are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application is three years, six semesters program that provides IT related skills in computing, networking, programming, web and software design, networking to work in IT infrastructure of organizations. Students of this program can also go for further studies like MCA program.

Bachelor degree in Commerce Studies

Bachelor degree in Commerce Studies is three year program of 132 credits of Indira Gandhi Open National University that provide information of skills necessary to understand and analyze topics of finance, business, economics of corporate business. There are total 24 courses in B.Com program taught at ICA.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is three years program of 132 credit hours that provide knowledge and skills of humanities and socials science areas to produce skilled human resources in areas of public organization, political organizations, social service, e-governance, organizational and economic sectors.

Master in travel and tourism Management

Bachelor degree in Tourism three years program of Indira Gandhi Open National University at IAC is about making familiar on tourism awareness, and emerging technologies for running tourism industries as the central focus.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration is two years program of Indira Gandhi National Open University that provides knowledge and skills in career of business Management. This program have specializations for students to advance their knowledge and research in Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, and service area Management.

Master of Computer Application

The Master of Computer Application program is two years program of total four semesters which provide outstanding environment for teaching and research with emphasis on software technology to solve Mathematical, Networking, Computing and Commercial problems. It is total 80 credit hours of study program.

Master in travel and tourism Management

Master in Travel and tourism Management is two years semesterwise program of IGNOU. This program provides knowledge and skills required to build a career in tourism sector and also perform research in the market or emerging areas.

Bachelor degree in Tourism Studies