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ISMT College Chitwan

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Chitwan is famous for medical studies and education, besides the wildlife sanctuaries. It has famous medical colleges and hospitals and some good private and public colleges offering academic programs from national and international universities. ISMT College falls at the latter step by offering international United Kingdom University degrees in this area. The learning experience is British-style and affordable for Nepalese students and locals. It helps the students reach their full potential through an enriching learning environment. ISMT College can be found at Bharatpur 12, 300 meters east of Dhanagada Temple, near Naurangi Chowk. This college is tied up with the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom.

The various programs at ISMT Chitwan are as follows:

MBA - Master of Business Administration

BSc (Hons) International Tourism And Hospitality Management

It is three years program that provides functional areas knowledge and skills of Hospitality industries such as Customer service, planning and managing an event, food and beverage production, hospitality service delivery, accommodation and front office operations etc.

BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering

 It is three years international degree that provides knowledge of Computing with Information technology such as software Engineering, Networking, data technology, artificial intelligence, android development and information systems offered by ISMT Chitwan.