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About Surkhet

Surkhet is a document center and business hub for Karnali province. It has government institutions and private institutions for the education of the people in the Surkhet region. Mid Western University is the own University of Surkhet along with Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges also. The primary and secondary education of children is taught by the schools which are secondary schools, higher secondary schools, boarding schools, etc. Information technology is one of the significant areas for the country’s development and IT-based Colleges provide study programs of Universities in Bachelor level and Master level programs. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, and Bachelor of Information Management, are some of the fields of IT studies which are offered through some of the popular campuses in Surkhet which are as below:

Information technology Colleges in Surkhet:

Tribhuvan University affiliated:

List of IT Colleges in Surkhet affiliated with Tribhuvan University are

  • Surkhet Campus Education
  • Surkhet Model College

Surkhet Campus Education

Surkhet Campus Education is a Tribhuvan University-affiliated campus at Birendranagar, Surkhet. This is one of the oldest campuses established in 1991 and runs the BICT (Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology) program of four years, and eight semesters of 138 credit hours. The program allows the graduates to become Computer teachers in higher level software application developers, administrators, web programmers, network administrators, etc. Surkhet Campus Education runs this program at an affordable cost and improves knowledge and skills in the use of Information technology to make decisions

Surkhet Model College

Surkhet Model College offers the BIM program with knowledge of IT and Management from Birendranagar, Khajura Surkhet. Students learn concepts of object-oriented software designing models and data management systems from this program. This course and other courses are affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The College has a flair of expert instruction, pricing tical learning, skill enhancing in a healthy environment. IT Colleges in Surkhet address:

University Colleges name Location Contact Fees
Tribhuvan University Surkhet Campus Education Birendranagar, Surkhet 083-520307
Tribhuvan University Surkhet Model College Birendranagar -8, Khajura 9858051960

Program scope:

BICT program has a good job scope in the market such:

  • Computer instructor: Rs 38000 to Rs 40000 per month
  • Software Application developer: Rs 58000 per month
  • System administrator: Rs 35000 to Rs 40000 per month
  • Web programmer: Rs 70800 per month
  • Web Developer: Rs 66500 per month
  • Network Administrator: Rs 30000 per month

BIM degree holders jobs in the market are

  • Database Engineers: Rs 58000 per month
  • System administrators: Rs 35000 per month
  • Software programmer: Rs 54000 per month
  • Program Analyst: Rs 45000 per month
  • Network Analyst: Rs 59000 per month
  • Why IT studies?

    • Great career scope in technological fields
    • Looks into innovative approaches
    • Good income and flexibility to grow in careers
    • Gaining technical skills while studying the program

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