IT Colleges in Bhaktapur

 Bhaktapur is a municipality in the eastern region of Bagmati province. It has historic relics which highlight the civilizations and rulers of there during the Kingdom of Nepal. There are not some good education institutions even for learning technically advanced programs. Early education also prepares students with computer learning basics and with a Bachelor they can delve deeper into the knowledge of IT used by most organizations to develop networks and software to enhance the business efficacy and provide services with large databases. Few campuses offer Bachelor program in Computer Science and Information technology which provides knowledge in these aspects and they are mentioned hereby:

Information technology Colleges in the historic city of Bhaktapur such as:

1.Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

is one of the constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University. It runs bachelor's programs in the IT field such as Bachelor of Information technology and Bachelor of Science Computer Systems and Information technology. It has full-time and part-time teachers appointed for teaching and training students practically in their course of study to IT officers, system administrators, network managers, and IT communicators through the completion of studies.

2.Swastik College

Swastik College is situated in Chardobato Bhaktapur. Currently, it runs Bachelor's program in Computer Science and Information technology with a sound infrastructure and resources. The curriculum is designed by Tribhuvan University for 126 credit hours of study courses.

3.Samajik College:

Samajik College is a modern College at Lokanthali, Bhaktapur where it runs BSc.CSIT program with an outstanding quality of education and activities for students that focuses on academic and professional outcomes. It also has adequate infrastructure for learning the course designed by the University for the Completion of the program as their objective.

4.Samriddhi College:

Samriddhi College is in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. It is a student-centered learning environment with Information technology studies and other programs of other faculties of Tribhuvan University. The BSc.CSIT program entails several elective courses on Information technology with computing courses interlaced in aspects of design, theory, programming, and application of computer systems to respond to and resolve real-world problems.

University College name Contact Location
Tribhuvan University Bhaktpur Multiple College 6610200 Doodhpati 17
Tribhuvan University Swastik College 6635174 Chardobato,Bhaktapur
Tribhuvan University Samajik College 6638497 Bhaktapur
Tribhuvan University Samriddhi College 01-6636322 Lokanthali 16, Bhaktapur

Job Scopes of BSc.CSIT programs:



  • Artificial Intelligence developer: Rs 78000 per month




  • Cloud Engineer: Rs 50000 per month




  • Network Engineer: Rs 65900 per month




  • IT officer: Rs 47500 per month




  • Full Stack developer: Rs 60000 per month


    Some of the IT Companies in Bhaktapur area are:



  • Code Craft infotech Pvt. Ltd




  • Pro digital-Empire Pvt. Ltd




  • Softwarerise Information technology




  • Sagacious IT solutions

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