IT Colleges in Biratnagar

Biratnagar is a landmark of quality education in Management, Science, and Technology. It has few but good Colleges for studying Professional Information technology courses in Bachelor level programs. The Colleges providing standard Information technology courses affiliated to popular Universities can be found at Biratnagar City. Some of the names of good Information technology Colleges and Institutions are mentioned here:

1. ISMT College

ISMT at Biratnagar 5, Kanchanbari runs Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program affiliated to University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. The education tools at ISMT College handled by the qualified and experienced faculty use classroom discussions, project works, presentations and different assessment tools as their teaching methodology. Students have wireless access and can use different digital resources for their academic benefits.

2. Birat Kshitiz College

This College was established in 2069 B.S. It runs Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology and Bachelor of Computer Application programs of Tribhuvan University which are focused on Information technology. B.Sc. CSIT provides knowledge of advanced IT professionals to task handling. It provides knowledge on Professional areas such as System Analyst, Network administrator, programmers, Web developer etc. BCA on the other hand focuses on Management and Computer Science with focus on software technologies and the graduates can get jobs in the IT field where they obtain experience through application of skills and knowledge gathered in BCA.

3. SM College of system Engineering and Information Technology Security

SM College of System Engineering and Information technology security is probably the best College of Information technology in Biratnagar. It is equipped with world class infrastructure and training facilities. It is partnered with Microsoft education. The academic programs are driven by a well experienced technical team. It provides IT training courses from technical expert’s trainers with internships.

4. Purbanchal University School of Engineering and technology

Purbanchal University School of Engineering and technology offers Information technology and Engineering courses such as Bachelor of Software Engineering and Bachelor in Computer Engineering with technical knowledge about implication of IT and Computer applications in the Corporate and Industrial sectors.

5. Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus

This Campus is the constituent campus of Tribhuvan University. It also provides technical courses such as Bachelor of Information Technology such as BIT. This is a four years program about studies and building skills in Computer Science and Information technology. Bachelor of Computer knowledge program to develop programming and software related technical skills useful for the Information technology sector.

6. AIMS College

AIMS College is located at Biratnagar Pradesh no. 1. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology program is about integrated courses of applied Science with Information technology. It also borrows subjects from other disciplines such as Mathematics with Computer Architecture, Operating system, Database Management system, Artificial intelligence. This program is offered from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science, and Technology at AIMS.

7. Nihareeka College of Management and Information technology

Nihareeka College of Management and Information technology is located at Biratnagar. It provides Tribhuvan University affiliated programs such as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology, Bachelor in Information Management, Bachelor of Computer Application. These subjects have a strong base on Information technology and delves into areas of programming, software Engineering, Web design and web technology, Management Information systems, Database Management systems, networking, cloud computing as part of their syllabus of their respective programs. Graduates can work in Information technology fields of corporations, production and solve problems and also help the organization leaders to take the necessary steps with informed decisions enabled by Information technology.

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