IT Colleges in Butwal

 Butwal offers better scope in the field of Information technology knowledge and jobs. Apart from popular programs at leading IT Colleges, there are companies like Butwal technologies, Butwal Infotech solutions, Purnima IT group, Dynamic IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Axion infotech, Deerhive, etc which are software focused Information technology Companies in the Butwal vicinity.

Some of the well-known IT Colleges in the Butwal region for higher studies are:

Butwal Multiple Campus

Butwal Multiple College was established to educate and uplift disadvantaged communities from different areas of academic studies. Butwal Multiple Campus also has BICTE which stands for Bachelor of Information and Communication technology education, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology fields. It is looked after by Tribhuvan University and University Grants Commission to impart professionally equipped technical programs in advanced and innovative fields of Information technology and Computer Science studies.

Crimson College of Technology

Crimson College of technology at Devinagar, Butwal is affiliated with Pokhara University. The IT-related program it offers students are Bachelor of Computer Information systems (BCIS). It has the backing of IT department teachers with higher qualifications, and work experience to teach the program in fulfillment of the program of Pokhara University.

Tina technical College

Tina technical College at Tilottama, Butwal, Rupandehi is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and runs its four years Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology program through experienced and well-qualified lecturers in a well-spaced environment with adequate facilities and resources. The teaching styles are open, friendly, and goal-oriented with interactive participation of students in project works and lab classes.

Oxford College

Oxford College in Rupendehi was established in 1991. It runs Plus2 and Bachelor level programs including the Bachelor of Information Management program that is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. This program at Oxford College produced result-oriented IT professionals with knowledge of Information technology and Management courses and also skills in object-oriented programming and designing.

University collage name contact number Location
Tribhuvan University Butwal Multiple Campus 071-542834 Rupandehi
Pokhara University Crimson College of technology 071-410380 Butwal 11 Rupandehi
Tribhuvan University Tina Technical College 071-414633 Butwal, Rupandehi
Tribhuvan University Oxford College 071-542599 Butwal 8 Rupandehi


  • Information technology support technician    Rs 63500 per month
  • .Net Developer    Rs 65000 per month
  • Technical advisor    Rs 67000 per month

What to look for in good IT Colleges?

  • University affiliation that has international recognition
  • Curriculum focusing on key operational and specialized parts of computing
  • That can help to get better careers and opportunities
  • Runs training programs to impart professional skills among students
  • Affordable fee structures with enough facilities and infrastructu

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