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IT Colleges in Chitwan

In Chitwan, there are some very good Colleges for Management, Science, Engineering, and Information technology studies for the local students. Different programs such as Bachelor of Information technology, Bachelor of Computer Science and Information technology, Bachelor of Information Management programs are provided academically with degrees obtained from national and international University are found at Chitwan, Nepal. Here are some good names for the IT Colleges in Chitwan:

1. ISMT College

IT Colleges in Chitwan

ISMT College was launched in 2011 and offered internationally recognized and cost effective academic programs with collaborations of University of Sunderland, Pearson Edexcel, and ACCA of the United Kingdom. If you have big dreams, want to enhance your career in this highly competitive world, are highly driven and want to reach beyond expectations, then ISMT can help you achieve all of these. You are cordially invited to explore ISMT’s academic programmes and its enriching learning environment, and to discuss your needs with its dedicated team.

To visit ISMT, click here→ ISMT College| British Degree in Nepal| Affiliated by University of Sunderland| BBA, BHM & BSc. IT| Best IT Colleges in Pokhara

2. Indreni College

IT Colleges in Chitwan

Indreni College at Bharatpur Chitwan aims to become the best IT College in Chitwan. It offers a four years semester wise program of Tribhuvan University such as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology, Bachelor of Computer Application and Bachelor of Information Management with emphasis on Computing, Information Management, and Information technology for running an organization that has an IT setup in Nepal.

To visit Indreni, click here→ Indreni College | Affiliated to Tribhuvan University | Best IT College in Chitwan

3. Forbes College

Forbes College is affiliated under Eureka University and located at Bharatpur Chitwan. The program offered here at Forbes is Bachelor of Computer Science Honors with Network technology and cyber security. This program is an integration of Information technology, Computations, Networks, Mathematics, and Management of Business Organizations.

4. Boston International College

Boston International College at Hakimchowk, Chitwan is affiliated with Pokhara University. Its partner Universities are John Carroll University, Hero, FMS, MDI Gurgaon, IMT starter, Institut Mines-Telecom. The Information technology related program is Bachelor of Computer Information systems. It is a four years 126 credit hours program that provides core concepts of Information technology and issues of Management.

5. Birendra Multiple Campus

Birendra Multiple Campus is the first Multiple Campus of Chitwan district. It provides Information technology programs related to Tribhuvan University. The courses offered are Bachelor of Education in Information Communication technology, Bachelor in Information technology, Bachelor of Computer Application, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology. These programs are of four years duration in semester wise programs. It provides thorough knowledge of technical systems and their operations. Birendra Multiple Campus is located at Bharatpur, Chitwan.

6. Sungava College

Sungava College is located at Khairani Municipality Chitwan. The Bachelor of Computer Application course of this College integrates information technology to solve complex problems of industries and organizations. It focuses on Computer Science and software designs, programming and applications with IT fields such as Configuration, integration, and testing of systems and networks to meet the industrial requirements.

7. United technical College

United technical College also popularly known as U-TEC is at Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Chitwan. It provides Bachelor of Engineering in Computers of Pokhara University. This subject is an engineering and Information technology integrated course with subjects of programming technology, computer architecture, software engineering (object oriented), Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, information system, and basic Engineering subjects combined into a syllabus to produce Computer Engineers to work in Information technology, software, and technological Companies.

8. Shaheed Smarak College

This College at Ward No. 19 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City provides Bachelor of Computer Application program. It is a four years program of Tribhuvan University. It produces graduates who can work as system designers, programmers, database administrators and project Managers of Information technology and also manufacturing industries with IT support.

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