IT Colleges in Jhapa

There is one most popular Information Technology College in Jhapa where students go to study Information technology program in Bachelor level which is:

Shreeyantra College 

Shreeyantra College was established in the year 2009. It is the best College for local students for IT based education. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology program for four years. Shreeyantra College has been offering this program since inception at an affordable cost and has successfully boosted technical knowledge regarding Computing and Information technology applications in real world situations from their academic program and Management team.


College name



Tribhuvan University

Shreeyantra College


Damak opposite to Sangam sweet

Benefits of studying Information Technology:

  • Expanding knowledge by honing modernized skills

  • Earning more money

  • Can help your business save money and time

  • Can work from remote areas

  • Job security and greater demand in IT jobs

Some job positions and salary of IT graduates in Nepal:

  • ASP.NET Programmer                 : Rs 47102 average per m.

  • Business Intelligence specialist:` Rs 44597 avg. per m.

  • IT Project Manager                     : Rs 64500 per m. average


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