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JS Murarka Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 01-033-560252 | Email: [email protected]

JS Murarka Campus is located in the beautiful town of Lahan, at Siraha district of Sagarmatha zone. As Lahan is connected with Mahendra Highway, it is a convenient place for the students from all the corners of the town. Lahan is the center for the economic development in Siraha district and hence, the educational institutions here are quite developed. JS Murarka is one of the few popular and developed colleges of Sagarmatha Zone.

JS Murarka Campus provides multiple courses of management and other faculties. The college is specialized in providing undergraduate programs under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. The main courses offered at this college are Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). JS Murarka is considered the best management education provider in the Siraha district. Apart from this, the college also provides various other faculties.

With the gradual urbanization of the town, the education system has also developed in many ways and the core objective of JS Murarka Campus is to provide quality studies to the students and bring a drastic change in the present education system.


The ideal mission of JS Murarka Campus is to deliver quality tutoring to the students at an affordable price and generate well-educated and literate individuals who can contribute in the development of the district.

Why J. S. Murarka Campus ?

JS Murarka Campus is one of the very few colleges in Sagarmatha zone that provides multiple undergraduate programs. This college emphasizes on providing quality education to all levels of people irrespective of their caste, culture, gender or ethnicity. The college offers all the courses in a moderate cost. Moreover, JS Murarka provides all the basic facilities such as library, clean drinking water, hygienic environment etc and is also working on adding many more facilities. Likewise, the college is located in a peaceful and serene environment which brings enthusiasm and motivation to the students to perform better in their studies.

The various programs at J. S. Murarka Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

The course in which you can gain not only organizational management skills but also communication skills, human management skills, and analytical skills is Bachelor of Business studies(BBS). You can grab this opportunity and develop yourself as the best package material by joining J.S. Murarka Campus.

Bachelor of Education

Transform yourself into a respectful teacher by joining Bachelor of Education(B.Ed). J.S. Murarka Campus might be the right place for you to start your teaching career. For more details, view the given link.

BSc General

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

Master of Business Studies