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Phone: 065-570100 | Email: janakalyanschool10@gmail.com | Website: https://janakalyans.edu.np/

Janakalyan Secondary School is dedicated to academic excellence it was established in 1953 B.S.  It is respected institution setting high standard of academia through academic programs from nursery till Grade 12. This institute can be found in Bouddha, Kathmandu. It is running under the Ministry of Education regulations. Janakalyan Secondary School is accredited completely to the National Examination Board for higher education in Management, education and humanities streams of Grades 11 and 12. They have adopted student centric teaching and learning approaches adopting technology and creating equal education opportunities to the members of the societies.

Principal Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I belive that Janakalyan Secondary School is place for students to make strong foundation for students better career. To enable is this the total institution management teams design day to day teaching and learning activities  for better outcome of children every term and every year. We organize weekly and annual events and give best possible facilities to students for uninterrupted and stimulating learning experience. 

Please visit us if you want to know further.

Mr Dipak Dhakal


Why JSS ?

We can choose Janakalyan Secondary School for these reasons:

  • IT infrastructures
  • Well rounded facilities for each students
  • interactive lectures and handson group activities
  • Social contributions and children welfare
  • Language and other learning materials for children
  • Clean, spacious and serene learning ambience

Scholarships at JSS

Janakalyan Secondary School offers various scholarship programs to support economically disadvantaged students and those who have outstanding academic achievements.


The facilities offered by Janakalyan Secondary School are:

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports
  • Wi-fi enability
  • Music and dance classrooms
  • Medical
  • Counseling
  • Scholarship
  • Educational tour
  • Spacious classrooms and conference halls
  • ECA
  • Science and Computer well equipped laboratories

The various programs at JSS are as follows:

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

+2 Management

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