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Janakpur Engineering College (JEC) was established in 2063 and is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The purpose of the college is to provide quality education to students so that they are able to create a safe and prosperous social system maintaining an ‘earth-friendly’ perspective. Aside from academics and education, Janakpur Engineering College is also known to provide training programs, consultancy services and research activities. The education provided by JEC ensures that after graduating the courses, the students can independently solve the problems of national importance and compete in the international jobs.

The team at Janakpur Engineering College is committed to providing access to higher education and state-of-the-art facilities to students of various life and financial circumstances. This commitment can be seen in the area of teaching, development and consultancy services in regard to the technological, commercial, social and cultural needs of the community.

Janakpur Engineering College currently offers BE Electronics and Communication, BE Computer and BE Civil courses to the Bachelor level students.

Scholarships at Janakpur Engineering College

Janakpur Engineering College also provides merit based scholarships to worthy students. If you are looking to apply to this college with good academic results then contact the college and apply for the various scholarship programs offered.


Janakpur Engineering College provides state-of-the-art facilities that are necessary for the bachelor's level courses mentioned above. Besides this, the college also provides good housing facilities for students wishing to stay near the college. There is a cafeteria that serves quality food and a computer room with the latest CPU build and high speed internet as well. The library at the college contains books that are relevant to engineering students and will help them during their time at Janakpur Engineering Collage.

For all these reasons, Janakpur Engineering College is a favorable destination for engineering students who wish to make Nepal a prosperous country. It is dedicated to producing capable manpower and skilled human resources through constituent campuses of IOE.

The various programs at Janakpur Engineering College are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

If you are interested in being highly qualified and skilled Civil Engineer then, Janakpur Engineering Campus is right for you. This college provides a platform to develop skills regarding this field. So you can know the further details through the link.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

If you are planning to enhance your knowledge and looking forward to have more details about Computer Engineering then, you are free to go through the page of Janakpur Engineering College to know more about the particular area, it's scope and much more.

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