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Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus

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Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus was established in 2041 BS as a college affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It has more than 700 students in different programs. Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus(JAMC) was handed over to Purbanchal University as a constituent campus by its operational committee in 2060 BS for helping the development of academic studies in the eastern area of the country in different fields of study of higher studies. Currently, Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus is offering Bachelor in Social Work (BSW), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Master of Science in Population and Rural Development. It manages and does wide area-covered research programmes and training as per its available money.

The main motive of Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus is to provide learning courses like postgraduate diploma, master of philosophy and doctor of philosophy in the long run. It also attempts in fulfilling the research needs and short-term training in the area of population and development.

The various programs at Janata Adarsha Campus are as follows:

MSc in Population and Rural Development

The Master of Science in Population and Rural Development(MSc:PRD) course in Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus consists of a total of 66 credit hours. Beside, students are required to take some non-credit courses as well. The course is designed to be completed in four semester of 6 months each.

Bachelor of Education

Students who have passed ten plus two in Education or equivalent are eligible to pursue the Bachelor of Education course in Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus. This is a three year program of Purbanchal University.

Bachelor of Social Work

Janata Adarsha Multiple Camous afiiliated to Purbanchal University offers Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) which helps students to become trained professional social workers.