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Jitpur Secondary School

Contact Information

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Jitpur Secondary School is in Jitpur of Tarakeshwar Municipality. It was established in 1963 and runs programs from kindergarten to  high school. Jitpur Secondary School is run by qualified and experienced teachers. It enables students to bring out creativity skills and the College is safe place for learning. It is affiliated to National Examinations Board and approved by Ministry of Education. Jitpur Secondary School always strive for comprehensive education policy with inclusivity of minority communities. It provides continuous professional development opportunities  and highest teaching standards. It provides culture, sports and community service from its establishment to students who aspire a career in their life from chosen education fields. Students can study Plus 2 programs of NEB, in Management, Humanities and Education along with Pre-diploma in Veterinary Science and Pre Diploma in Agriculture.The College has interactive way of teaching and learning with usage of tools and technologies which meet the modern period paradigms from experienced and dedicated faculty of teachers/educators.

Why JSS ?

You should choose Jitpur Secondary School for these reasons:

  • Quality and accessible education for all
  • Scholarship
  • Student centered approach that focuses on active learning
  • individual attention that helps in physical, intellectual and emotional growth
  • regular assessments and feedback sessions
  • Engaged with culture, sports and community service activities

Scholarships at JSS

Jitpur Secondary School offers scholarships in supporting deserving students with outstanding academic performance or exceptional talent in any particular field and from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.


The facilities offered to students by Jitpur Secondary School are:

  • Computer lab
  • Science lab
  • Library with enough reading materials
  • Conference hall for assembling for intellectual discourse
  • Counseling
  • Scholarship
  • Education tour
  • Cafeteria

The various programs at JSS are as follows:

+2 Education

+2 Management

+2 Humanities