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Jubilant College

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Jubilant College and Research Center (JCRC) was established in 2064 B.S. It is situated at the prime location of Kathmandu city, Kalimati Bridge. This college strives to provide quality education to render the eagerness of the students to flourish in the professional world. Jubilant College is easily accessible to students. JCRC has always proven itself as the mark of education excellence at national as well as international levels. It has been recognized for its devoted staff and promising professionals who are highly experienced in their respective fields.

Jubilant College not only focuses on the student's academic grades but also on the extracurricular activities. That’s why this campus organizes different social activities, sports events, and projects to meet each individual's personal interests with the equal cooperation of parents and well-wishers. The effective management team of Jubilant is always looking forward to creating a favorable academic atmosphere around the college premises so that reading and learning activities become more effective and easier. Students of Jubilant are frequently taken on excursions and tours so that they can have practical education.

Missions of Jubilant College

  • To set new standards and a model education center.
  • To create service-oriented manpower in different fields.
  • To be liable and good citizens.
  • Make a solid foundation.


  • Explore all-round potential
  • Re-define the education standard in Nepal.
  • Globally required professional skills.

Additional Information

Academic Programes at Jubilant College

Plus (+2) 

  • Science:

This is a two-year course. Most students who want to make a career in the technical field choose this program. The charm of this subject is ever-growing. This course aims to provide sufficient understanding regarding fundamental science contents.

  • Humanities:

Students looking to pursue their career in a social field can choose this field. This program teaches them about reality, customs, and traditions. This is one of the most neglected streams in Nepal, but slowly, more and more students are taking this subject as an interest. This subject has a very wide scope of fields. Graduates of this subject can work in national as well as international organizations that provide a high salary.

  • Management:

The main objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge about the facts and principles of the management stream. It prepares students to take up managerial skills in all types of organizations by imparting them with professional skills.

Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS):

The BBS program at Jubilant College is affiliated with TU (Tribhuvan University).

The objectives of this program are:

  • To provide conceptual knowledge of business and administration.
  • Develop the required attitudes, abilities, and practical skills.
  • To encourage entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • To develop the necessary foundation for higher studies in management.

The various programs at Jubilant College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelors of Business Studies(BBS) at Jubilant College(JC) is a remarkable educational degree that embraces on theoretical knowledge, academic benefits, and features as well as practical guidance. For more information about BBS in JC, why to join and other academic procedures, click the link.

+2 Science

+2 Management