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Phone: 01-091-521223 | Email: kmckailali@gmail.com | Website: kailalicampus.edu.np

Kailali district is the one of the most backward district of Nepal whose educational system is also backward. The emergent establishment of Kailali Multiple Campus in 1980 led to solving the problem for higher level. In the past, students were compelled to move away from their home for further study with either India or Kathmandu to be one of the destination. Now, thousands of student are taking the opportunity to complete their higher studies within their reach from home.

Kailali Multiple college provides bachelor degree program in BBM, BA, BEd and BSc Generals, Masters degree program in MBS, MA Nepali, MA Economics, MA political Science, MEd Education Planning and Management, M.Ed Curriculum and Evaluation, MEd English Language Education and MEd in Health Education.


Basic facilities which cannot be withdrawn for running academic courses successfully are provided which includes library, computer lab with internet, comfortable classrooms, seminar hall, sports field, canteen, etc. Kailali Multiple Campus also organizes educational tours and excursion, annual programs and competitions. Internal assessment and presentation aids in building up the character within student which is conducted on a regular basis.

Why Kailali Campus

Scholarships at Kailali Campus

Kailali Multiple Campus has provision for granting scholarship to those students which are selected by college management team. Meritious candidates are given emphasis for scholarship.

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Admission Procedure

Under graduate level completing students are invited to apply for available bachelor courses. Minimum of 45% in aggregate is required for application.

Graduate level completing students are invited to apply for master courses at Kailali Multiple Campus with minimum of second division in bachelor level

Scholarships at Kailali Campus

Kailali Multiple Campus has provision for granting scholarship to those students which are selected by college management team. Meritious candidates are given emphasis for scholarship.

The various programs at Kailali Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Education

Do you aspire to become a successful instructor in the field of education? Study Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) at Kailali Multiple Campus and initiate your first step towards following your aspirations. Here, you can learn more about this course along with some criteria that you have to fulfill in order to join this program.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies program of Tribhuvan University is four years academic program that provides concepts and reality based skills about operations and Management of Business Organizations.

Bachelor of Business Management

The BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University is designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. The BBM graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and global business environment.

Bachelor of Arts

The four years Bachelor of Arts is an interdisciplinary subject where students obtain knowledge of  various fields such as English, Geography, History, Sociology, Culture, rural development, liguistics, economics, population to prepare them for making a contribution in this new world.

Bachelor of Education One Year

Kailali Multiple Campus offers a one-year course of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) that deals with the practice of teaching. It intends to acquaint the students with the fundamental knowledge of education, innovation in teaching, school and society, education and social policy and education and philosophy. Moreover, it provides information regarding development of education in Nepal.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies is a graduate level program that provides conceptual knowledge about the functional areas of business and also produce Managers for various organizations in business,industry, government and non government sectors.

MA - Master of Arts

Upgrade your knowledge in the sector of humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts by graduating in Master of Arts. If you are concerned to know more about this program then you can go to the given link.

BSc General

Bachelor of Science is a four years program of Tribhuvan University.It provides theory and practical subjects in the curriculum designed by Tribhuvan University about applied Science which makes students aware of latest knowledge, invention and practices of Science and prepare gradautes who can work in Scientific fields and researches.

MEd - Master of Education

Master of Education two years academic program of Tribhuvan University that help to produce high level knowledgable manpowers such as teachers, educators, education planners,administrators who are able to promote innovative practices in the field of education.

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Kailali Multiple Campus offers MBA in Entreprenuership from Tribhuvan University, Graduate School of Management that helps to prepare entreprenuers who can generate ideas and identify opportunities for start ups of family business.