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Kantipur City College

Contact Information

Phone: 01-4530239 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Kantipur City College (KCC) is a pioneering name in the field of IT and Engineering in Nepal. Affiliated with Purbanchal University, KCC was founded earlier in 2000 A.D. by the current Managing Director Mr. Pralhad Karki and chairman Mr. Suman Katawal.

Looking at Kantipur City facilities and achievements, it seems like it specializes in delivering quality education, innovative skills and knowledge and assists in career building. Kantipur City proclaims that it has been offering modern pedagogy-based-teaching in terms of improving the standard of the Bachelors and Masters Degree courses in Nepal and has been successful enough to produce efficient and competent manpower in the industry.

Located at the heart of Kathmandu city, Putalisadak, KCC is situated at a convenient and easily accessible location and has a well-furnished academic complex with adequate infrastructures. With total of four schools of department namely School of Engineering, School of Science and Technology, School of Business and Management and School of Humanities and Social Science offering 10 academic programs, Kantipur City has revealed that it has already produced 974 Bachelors and 178 Masters Graduates since its inception.

It came to know that more than 500 students have already obtained the globally recognized certifications in CCNA and RHCE, and that Kantipur City has also signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), India for research and development programs.


Here are few of the objective of Kantipur City College as mentioned in the brochure:

  • To provide knowledge and skills applicable in the practical field.
  • To provide student centered teaching methodology through proficient and dedicated committee of teaching faculties.
  • To provide internship opportunities
  • Kantipur City College arranges opportunities to experience global culture.

Principal Message

The principal of Kantipur City College, Er. Rabi Shrestha confirms that it is committed in providing necessary resources to its students inorder to produce qualified professionals for future. He goes on to say that the teaching methodology of it has been devised in a way that it provides quality education and focuses on improving the knowledge and skill sets. Moreover, the teaching faculty, well-equipped infrastructural facilities, and extra-activities like seminars, trainings and workshops will be a great experience for them at KCC. He kindly invites them to come at KCC and gain peculiar academic experience.

Why Kantipur City College ?

According to the information stated in the brochure and website of KCC, it implements different methodologies for delivering professionalism in educational services. It provides students with experience of real time project works and research works. The student at Kantipur City gets chances to share global culture as well.

Moreover, the brochure states that it provides them with internship opportunities in different companies. KCC in association with TOYO Work Company of Japan together had also organized job interview events for placing 30 civil engineers. Kantipur City College had also provided opportunities for them to participate in various certification courses in the year 2072.

Scholarships at Kantipur City College

Kantipur City College offers a wide range of full, half and partial scholarships to its students in various categories.

KCC Merit Scholarship

KCC offers merit scholarship to candidates achieving outstanding result in +2, entrance examination and interview.

University Scholarship

There is a provision of University Scholarship which is further categorized into:

1. Partial Scholarship: Merit-based scholarship is awarded to the 5% top scorer in the entrance examination with 80% scholarship in the total fees.

2. Reservation Scholarship: The recipient of the reservation scholarship will be granted a full scholarship of 100% in the total fees. 5% will be offered the reservation scholarships that include:

  • Candidates from community/government schools and colleges
  • Female quotas
  • Candidates from indigenous and ethnic communities, Dalits, Muslims, Madhesis
  • Candidates from geographically remote and underdeveloped areas
  • Minorities group including ex Kamaiyas and Haliyas
  • Victims of conflict (People’s Movement/Madhesh Movement) and families of disappeared and missing/martyrs

3. Sponsored Scholarship

KCC also provides sponsored scholarship in association with sponsored organization. It is published in the college brochure that the college along with IT partner companies and TOYO Work, Japan has jointly contributed a sponsorship of worth 5 million rupees.


Kantipur City College offers its students all the necessary resources and equipments to assist for their study and research. There is a well-equipped computer center for them with unlimited internet facilities.

As it can be seen, KCC owns a well-furnished library with a wide collection of course books with reading materials and references related to IT, Engineering, Business and more.

Kantipur City college is also said to provide sports facilities as well as conduct yearly inter-college sports programs to focus apparently on the overall growth and development. KCC has formed a research management cell (RMC-KCC) to conduct research activities. The RMC-KCC selects 6 members in Robotics Club every year and the club participates in Robotics competition at national level.

Kantipur City College annually organizes Annual Project Exhibition an IT conferences at the college premises. Since 2001, KCC has been conducting KCC Exhibit with a vision to bring technology leaders and IT students at the same platform. It is mentioned in the brochure that it has been offering the them with the opportunity to work as trainee in industrial projects in order to provide excellent learning experience and develop self-confidence and working skills.

Additional Information


While listing the achievements of KCC, it is mentioned in the brochure that in order to reinforce an intellectual society, KCC has published student-based scholar magazine (4 volumes), Third eye newspaper, research journal KCC Media Journal flex magazine, Fresh Voice (online) and documentaries. The scholar magazine was launched by the vice-chancellor of Purbanchal University, Prof. Dr. Ghanashyam Lal Das.

Kantipur City College has shown some outstanding results in academic category as it has achieved few gold medalists whose names are listed below:

  • Ravi Sekhar Agrawal (BCA), Gold Medalist of 2000 Batch
  • Tapa Depti Sitaula (MCA), Gold Medalist of 2003 Batch
  • Numraj Khanal Sharma (MA MCJ), Om Prakash Goyal Gold Medalist of 2011 Batch
  • Narayan Khadka (BBA), Gold Medalist of 2011 Batch
  • Resham Raj Sigdel (MA MCJ), Om Prakash Goyal Gold Medalist of 2012 Batch
  • Abhas D Rajopadhyaya (MA MCJ), Om Prakash Goyal Gold Medalist, Purbanchal University Gold Medalist, Narayan
  • Prasad Koirala Gold Medalist of 2013 Batch

KCC has also facilitated senior journalists Dhurba Hari Adhikari and Babita Basnet with KCC Journalism Award.

The various programs at Kantipur City College are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer is a popular choice of students who want to develop their skills in programming, hardware and software and various other fields of Computer Science. Join KCC to grab the opportunity of getting the best environment and facilities. To get further details regarding the course, click the given link.

Bachelor of Information Technology

The current business world is all about technologies and if you are among those people who are interested in gaining technological skills and looking for career opportunities in IT, then Bachelor of Information Technology is the right course for you. To get more details on the course, browse further. 

Bachelor of Business Administration

If you are looking for a course that develops managerial, financial, leadership as well as marketing skills, then Bachelor of Business Administration is the best course for you .Browse to know more about joining KCC and the required procedures.

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

Know why to join Bachelor of Engineering in Civil at KCC, Also learn more about the college, facilities, infrastructures and scopes of the course. Moreover, know the details and  informations related to procedures and criterias of joining the college. 

Bachelor in Electronics And Communication Engineering

Master of Computer Application

If you want to sharpen and upgrade your skills in software development, computer networking and other computer applications, join the course of Master of Computer Application at KCC. Click the given link to learn more about the eligibility criteria, and other procedures.

MA Mass Communication And Journalism

Browse to collect the informations regardng  MA Mass Communication and Journalism, the fee structures, procedures, career opportunities and other criterias. Also know why to join KCC for this course.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Are you planning to acquire a Post Graduate Diploma ? KCC provides opportunity of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. You can visit the given link and know the details regarding the course and applying criteria.

Bachelor of Computer Application

Kantipur City College provides four years eight semesters Bachelor of Computer Application program of Purbanchal University. This program provides knowledge and skills of software design and development. It provides apprenticeship program at leading Information Technology and software houses. This program also provides scope for specialization in areas of IT in banking, Multimedia and application, Marketing Management, Artificial Intelligence. It prepares graduates in the backgrounds of internet and intranet application design and development, system analysis, object oriented programming, multimedia, quality and testing assurance,project Management, Database design and administration. It also brushes Communication, interpersonal and logic problem solving skills.