Kantipur College of Medical Science

Contact Information

Phone: 01-4279723 | Email: info@kcms.edu.np | Website: www.kcms.edu.np

Kantipur College of Medical Science was established to educate the students who could come with the brighter future and to fulfill the demand of the trained manpower for the country. In Nepal, Education is only limited to academics but KCMS gives privilege to practical education and other trainings.

Kantipur College of Medical Science is located in Sitapaila, Kathmandu where all kinds of facilities like public transportation, hostel, etc. are easily accessible. Though the college is placed at the middle of the city, it maintains a calm and peaceful surroundings.

Vision & Mission

  • Civilized society and job-oriented education are its goal. 
  • Quality education is the focus of Kantipur College of Medical Science. 
  • Developing with sound facilities for better teaching and learning activities which can enhance the globally competent education.
  • Commitment to maintain and improve the academic culture and environment where the aspiring young scholars can ratify themselves.
  • Facilitates the students to bring out the underlying potentials in them.
  • Nurture dignity and discipline among and between students and guardian communities.


  • Cafeteria
  • Classrooms
  • Health Services
  • Library
  • Sports
  • Transportation

The various programs at Kantipur College of Medical Science are as follows:

MSc Microbiology

TSLC in Veterinary JTA

Ongoing Admission
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