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Phone: 01-4486571 | Email: info@kaspam.edu.np | Website: kaspam.edu.np

Kasthamandap School of Public Affairs Management is established with a view to promote education in the field of public sector, public enterprises, research institutions and voluntary sector. The college has maintained the standards up to date with all the facilities provided and experienced teaching personals. It is in affiliation with Purbanchal University (PU).

Kasthamandap School of Public Affairs Management provides master degeree program in Master of Public Administration.


Infrastructural and academic programme facilities are provided with internship, computer course, qualified and skilled visiting faculties, thesis for writing consolidated research skills, etc at Kasthamandap School of Public Affairs Management.

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The various programs at Kasthamandap School are as follows:

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration(MPA) program in Kasthamandap School Of Public Affairs Management is designed in such a way to provide students with the high-level quality education in preparation for careers or advancement of careers in public, non-profit or any of these type of organizations. For more information on how MPA in Kasthamandap School Of Public Affairs Management  provides students with a public service perspectives as well as other academic details, Click the Link.