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Kathford International College of Engineering and Management

Contact Information

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Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is one of only a handful colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University with diverse programs of Engineering and Management. The college was established in 2003, is located at Balkumari, Lalitpur, and offers Engineering programs like Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering. It also offers BSc.CSIT program and BBA program. All of these programs are affiliated to Tribhuvan University. In 2018, the college obtained three new programs - Electrical Engineering, BBM and BCA.

Kathford has two major visions:

  • To become a leading education hub that provides transformative education for students stimulating their curiosity and enabling them to turn their aspiration into a lasting basis for success, social impact and continuous learning.
  • To serve the needs and aspirations of society, in their individual capacities and together as the community of Kathford, inspires to become socially responsible and teaching them to give back to the society.

Kathford is the home to more than 1000 students and has already produced 11 batches in BBA, 9 batches in Engineering programs and 8 batches in BSc.CSIT. Kathford boasts of its huge student diversity and faculty expertise. There are many full-time and part-time faculty members who are dedicated to help and support in their studies, exams, projects, field works, lab works and competitions. Most of its graduates are working in many big companies in Nepal and abroad.

In the area of computer science and information technology, Kathford runs three major programs - Computer Engineering, BSc.CSIT and BCA. All of them are four-year courses affiliated to Tribhuvan University and prepares to develop strong career in IT sector.

Principal Message

The principal of Kathford International College of Engineering and Management says that the objective of the college is to produce high aspirations, confidence, and independence. He believes that every student deserves a quality education and the college is committed to providing the best possible teaching pedagogy, lab and project works, industry exposures and curricular activities at Kathford. He informed that the college offers engineering courses such as BE in Computer Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Civil Engineering, management courses such as Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and IT courses such as B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT). He ensures the environment of the college to be welcoming, lively, friendly and unpretentious so, he warmly invites all the enthusiast students and guardians to visit Kathford International for a delightful experience.

Why Kathford College ?

  • Kathford International College of Engineering & Management is at a prime location in Balkumari, Lalitpur and is easily accessible and convenient to get by.
  • With more than a decade of successful functioning, the college faculty of the teaching and nonteaching staff consists of professionals and experts who have years of experience and practice in their respective area of study.
  • Kathford International has its own building with modern infrastructure with large classrooms.
  • The academic courses and curriculum is based on the syllabus by the TU.
  • Kathford International focuses on practical methods of teaching and learning and conducts regular field visit with seminars, workshops, interactive programs as well as group discussion classes on a routine basis. Also, the college assists for internship and career assistance in different enterprises and organizations.
  • There are provisions of financial support and scholarship provisions to the deserving candidates.
  • Examinations and assessments in terms of classroom attendance, assignments, project works and field visits, oral and written tests are carried out throughout the academic session to evaluate the academic performance.


Facitities offered by Kathford International College of Engineering and Management for students are as follows:

Library: There is a well-stocked library with an enormous collection of text books, reference materials, journals and other learning resources at Kathford International College of Engineering & Management.

Lab and Computer Center: The College is equipped with fine computer laboratories also serving as computer center with high-speed internet facilities to carry out project based study and practical works.

Sports: Kathford International also has sports facilities and conducts sports programs on an annual basis.  There is enough space within the college premises for various games like basketball, tennis, badminton and football.

Research and Development Center: There is a department for research and development center at Kathford in order to carry out various research activities and help in planning, designing and formulating research-based projects through innovative ideas. The R&D department has ROBOKATH (Robotics Club), KATHFOSS and Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center in collaboration with Digitronix Nepal.

Training and Job Placement Opportunities: With proper career guide and counseling, seminars and workshops targeted in developing interview skills and presentation and exposure through guest faculty visits and practical field visits, it creates ample opportunities for various kinds of trainings and help in recruitment process. Many of the graduates from Kathford International are professionals working in different spheres of engineering and management.

The various programs at Kathford College are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

If you want to widen your knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering, you can learn about the admission process, fee structures, eligibility criteria, facilities of Kathford International College of Engineering and Management to join this course. Also, you can browse for further details.

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

As IT is the field full of opportunities, B.Sc. CSIT is also one of the courses of IT that help you boost up your skills through the in-depth knowledge related to information Technology and work practically. So, joining this course at KATHFORD college and get clear information for the further process, you can go through the given link. 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Management faculty at Kathford is one of the oldest faculty. Kathford college has been providing BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in affiliation with TU since a long time. BBA is highly competitive program and moreover Kathford has focused on the overall development of its graduates. Besides curriculum Kathford also provides an opportunity to get a real time exposure in professional areas which will help students to make a career choice. Internship is compulsory and students get chances to work in reputed institutions. The ex-graduates are also performing very well and are working in executive level in reputed institutions both inside and outside country. Studying BBA at Kathford would be a good choice for a student seeking to make a career in Management area.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Interested in graduating in Computer Engineering? Kathford College of Engineering offers you Bachelor of Computer Engineering program that covers both electrical engineering and computer science. Also, this program combines the principles and techniques of those areas for the development of computer-based systems and helps you shape your skills broadly.

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) at Kathford is a newly launched four-year program designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. This diverse and highly professional program aims to develop creative and critical thinking, decision making, leadership and managerial skills in students and help them gain understanding of operations and change. Kathford aims to empower students with excellent understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operations in a dynamic business environment. This course goes beyond general administration and prepares students for managerial professions as it enriches them with life skills suitable for both urban and rural setup.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Kathford offers much more than BCA. It offers BCA+ to students that includes all curriculum of BCA affiliated to Tribhuvan University along with Professional Skills Through Integrated Industry Oriented Specializations like E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and Mobile Computing.

Bachelor of Electronics Communication and Information Engineering