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Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School

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Kathmandu Model Secondary School (KMC) was established in 2000 A.D. and is located in Bagbazar. It has always been working hard for quality education, and for many years it has carved out for itself a great place at the summit of the best college in the country. KMC focuses on dedication, passion, and self-control as the only reasons for its steady and impressive growth. KMC has been providing the same quality education to its students. It has been communicating quality education as per the demand of time and successfully growing like a tree under the successful management team and the leadership of the principal, Professor Dr. Mohan Prasad Lohani, former chairperson of the Central Department of English at TU and a former peacekeeper.

KMC was established with the joint effort of college professors and professionals who possess cutting-edge knowledge in their respective fields. The day-and-night effort of these educated people has led them to get 100% results in the board exams of NEB and TU as well. They have been successfully running higher secondary-level and bachelor-level programs. Currently, they are offering science, management, and humanities in ten plus two levels. Moreover, KMC makes an effort to help students achieve their major duties and encourages the parents and guardians of students to encourage their children to do the same.

Some of the objectives of KMC, based on a brochure, are as follows:

  • To achieve all kinds of challenging educational excellence.
  • To work hard for academic excellence and professional excellence.
  • To encourage development through both school courses and extracurricular activities.
  • To accomplish self-dependence and cultural harmony.


Facilities offered by Kathmandu Model Secondary School are as follows:


Looking for book supplies? Kathmandu Model Secondary School (KMC) has a generous and organized row of plenty of books to please the unending search for knowledge. They can visit the library during their free time and enjoy reading reference books, magazines, newspapers, and so on.


You can visit Kathmandu Model Secondary College (KMC) for its advanced and well-equipped modern laboratories. There are well-prepared physics, chemistry, biology, and computer labs to maintain practical knowledge.


Are you looking for a homely environment in a hostel? Kathmandu Model Secondary School (KMC) has a large and clean room with all the modern facilities and resources that help make the hostel environment friendly and compatible for you.

Counseling and Motivation:

Kathmandu Model Secondary School (KMC) has well-qualified counselors who help you explore possibilities that are equal to their particular skills and abilities. They provide motivational classes to improve students' critical thinking, which leads to increased effort and energy. Through guest speakers, motivational speakers, and counselors, KMC motivates people to continue any task with eagerness and escape the boring things.


The college provides hygienic meals, which are constantly estimated by keeping a focus on health and hygiene. The food menu is set differently across the week in order to serve the best meals for their physical and mental development while carefully avoiding repetitiveness.


Different sports competitions like basketball, table tennis, chess, and badminton are held at KMC to train life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, and teamwork.

Health care:

In case of any health emergency, there is a medical room with a full-time nurse.

Extra-curricular activities:

There are opportunities to take part in curricular and co-curricular activities at KMC to enhance hidden talents.

The various programs at Kathmandu Model HSS are as follows:

Master of Business Studies

BSc Nursing

+2 Science

The program is offered under NEB. It is a two-year academic discipline ideal for students willing to build a career in the area of science and technology. The program covers subjects such as Mathematics, Nepali, Chemistry, Physics and Biology among others. A student with SLC degree is eligible to apply for this program.

+2 Management

The two-year program offered under NEB is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in management studies. It is a stepping stone for students enhancing higher level education in the management field. Students pursuing this program should study subjects such as accounting, English and economics. A student with SLC degree is eligible to apply for this program.