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Phone: 01-6634455 | Email: info@ksl.edu.np | Website: https://www.ksl.edu.np/

Founded in 2000 AD, Kathmandu school of law is a non-profit, community-based academic institution, imparting pragmatic and community responsive legal country within the nation. The institution succeeds to establish itself as a pioneer legal academic institution in a very short span of time. The college has adopted modern approach of teaching by introducing clinical and community outreach setting in the curriculum with emphasis on research. KSL aspires to provide qualitative teaching and learning environment designed to meet the educational as well as career needs.


  • Interdisciplinary, farsighted and competitive course with an array of subject areas
  • Commitment to produce competed lawyers committed to work
  • Participatory & pragmatic approach of teaching Strong connection with various law colleges overseas having regular exchange program
  • Student's participation in debate program within the country or abroad, moot court programs

Principal Message

Yubraj Sangroula, Executive Director & Principal of Kathmandu School of law claims that the institution’s foremost objective is to provide high-quality education in the field of law in order to produce competent legal professionals. The school is committed to impart contemporary, communitarian, objective and socially responsive law education within the country. He further said, the institution is working hard to stand itself as a Center of Excellence not only in Nepal but throughout the South Asia region. Bidding good bye to the traditional teaching approach, KSL has adopted modern teaching strategies that let student to deal with real situation and practice jurisprudential theories. Since this institution believes each of its students have endless potentials of creativity it doeS't force its students to stick to their professor's traditional ideas and let them grow freely. Thus, it makes sure students are not repeating what they learn rather use their own creativity and find new solution to problems.

Scholarships at KSL

Scholarship Scheme:

Kathmandu School of Law offers three scholarship schemes

  • Scholarship for Class Toppers
  • Widya Wati Ghai Scholarship Fund
  • Prof. Dhurba Bar Singh Thapa Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for Class Topper is provided to one who top the class. They don’t need to pay monthly tuition fees.

Widya Wati Ghai Scholarship Fund provides scholarship for disenfranchised and weaker communities, dalits and endangered minorities.

Prof. Dhurba Bar Singh Thapa Scholarship Fund has been created to support candidates from native community and pupils from poor family.

These covers tuition fees, admission fees and few are provided with accommodation and stipend.


Facilities offered by Kathmandu school of law ar as follows:


The library at KSL provides high standard of learning resources. The library is filled with a huge collection of text books and reference books along with multiple journals and articles.


The college has ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staffs to serve the entire institution’s member with standard food item.

Additional Information

Admission Procedures:

Candidates interested to pursue undergraduate law degree in KSL should have completed +2 or PCL level. They should take entrance test and attend orientation class.

The various programs at KSL are as follows:

BTech Food Technology

MSc Engineering Geology

Kathmandu School of Law provides M.SC Engineering Geology which is a professional degree that meets the expectation of academic requirement.  The M.Sc Engineering Geology course is highly demanded course in Nepal and there is enormous pressure from the student to enrol the course in Nepal. For more details browse the link. 


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