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Kathmandu University - Centre for Art and Design

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Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSOA) was founded in 1996. There are other six schools related to the arts established to develop education in liberal arts, music, media, and social science with the focus of producing skilled manpower that can contribute to the development of the nation. The mission and vision of Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSOA) is to develop professional knowledge and understanding in related fields like arts, culture, and other socially and economically possible human resources by analyzing communications and critical thinking in the related field.

Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSOA) is in collaboration with the Consortium for Land Research and Policy Dialogue (COLARP), the Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC), the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS), the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR North-South), and the South Asia Coordination Office.

The Center for Art and Design (KU Art + Design) is dedicated to building a test result in fine arts education. Understanding the need for quality and fine art education in Nepal, Kathmandu University established the Art and Design program in 2003 under the provision of the School of Arts. With the help of key person Mr. Aidan Warlow, Director, M.A., Oxford, along with two other professors, Mr. Rabindra Puri, M.A. Bremen, and Mr.Sujan Chitrakar, M.F.A., New Delhi, and a helper from administrative staff, Mr. Gopal Magar,a one-year diploma course in fine arts was launched. The first batch contained only six students. KU Art + Design is slowly developing and constantly getting better to build strong international connections through established art institutions and organizations. (KU Art + Design) is dedicated to creating interesting new things like visual culture, not only by approaching but also by involving it.

Why KU Centre for Art and Design

As this program is conducted by Kathmandu University, the staff is fully dedicated to providing knowledge about arts and design. Providing professional knowledge, skills, and understanding in the development of culture, the arts, and other social and economic potential of human resources is the mission of this program.

The various programs at KU Centre for Art and Design are as follows:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Communication   

This is a four-year program of total 139 credit hours. After the two foundation years of searching for art studios, students who wish to initiate their career by showing the ability to create interesting new things in arts choose BFA Graphic Communication from 3rd years onward. BFA Graphic Communication is designed for developing the clearness of ideas, and responsibilities for powerful design sense. After taking this course the further career path can be developed in Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, animator, Story Artist, Art Director and others. There are other options related to this field like videographer, Interior Designer, Game designer, Product Designer etc.

For further information visit the college website.


Bachelor OF Fine Arts Studio Art

This program is for four-year time of total 139 learning credits hours. After two-years of exploratory studios in different areas of arts in the foundation years, students are given a reason to do something to start a career as professional artists choose BFA Studio Art from 3rd year onward. Throughout the specialization years, the studio Art provides an in-depth to find the truth about something and knowledge into an advanced level of drawing, painting and other forms of art practices. During the two-years of BFA Studio Art, students will be motivated to explore different visual media to match their idea. Students choose Photography, Illustration or extra traditional Art Practise as an Optional course. The possible career paths from this course are Artist, Art educator, Art Director, Entrepreneur, Art Writer, animator, Set Designer. The other possible career paths after some training are an Art Historian, Interior Designer, Conservator, Restorer, Musicologist, Museum Manager, administrator, Art Activist, Researcher.

For further information visit the college website.


Art Management

This program is designed to distribute the knowledge about how a business plan can support the management of arts and cultural Organizations. Aiming at communication one’s vision with related planned approaches to marketing and finances, the course prepares students to develop their one year plan with solid goals .This is related for both profit and non-commercial businesses. It also helps to grow an understanding of the legal climate that shapes the operation of arts organizations. The candidates must hold a Bachelor degree from a reputed college to join this program. In this program, the students are mainly focused on strategic management, Business Canvassing, Research, Law and policies, Internal Control System and Marketing the Arts.

For further information visit the college website.

Bachelor of Media Studies

MA in Buddhist Studies