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Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI) was established by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche as an institution of higher learning for those wishing to deepen their understanding of Buddhist learning about how people think and practice. Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI) has been managing and doing courses and study programs in Nepal for more than 25 years. Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yesha is Kathmandu University-affiliated; since 2001, the institute has worked in close partnership with KU, offering courses in Buddhist Studies and related topics for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Rangjung Yeshe Institute is mostly the Buddhist equivalent of a godlike quality school where soul practice is an important part of the daily experience and where program graduates are scholar-practitioners. The number of employees at RYI is more than fifty. The specialties of RYI are Buddhist Studies, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Language, Classical Tibetan, Philology, Sanskrit, Translator Training, Scholar-Practitioner, Textual Interpretation, and Colloquial Tibetan.

RYI's former students' numbers are more than 1300 and span over forty nationalities. The alumni apply their training at RYI around the world through interpreting, healing the sick, teaching, and running global companies. The mission and vision of RYI are to imagine a world in which different kinds of people are interested in learning about Buddhism and have easy access to a living Buddhist tradition in order to develop the qualities of wisdom and kindness for the benefit of all living beings. RYI has been running a study program and hosting seminars in Nepal for more than 25 years, with the target of implementing and promoting cooperation and enlightened common purpose.

Why KU Centre for Buddhist Studies

Students who want to join or follow the paths of Buddha can join this institute. The institute, Rangjung Yesha, focuses on various languages related to Buddhism. Rangjung Yesha has been providing Buddhist knowledge for more than 25 years. The staff is highly dedicated and has been giving students the proper knowledge of Buddhist studies. There are various facilities that have benefited the students. Rangjung Yesha has a peaceful environment that helps students learn and get more information related to Buddhist studies.

The various programs at KU Centre for Buddhist Studies are as follows:

Bachelor (BA) in Buddhist Studies

BA in Buddhist Studies offered by Kathmandu University-Centre For Buddhist Studies is a unique course that is not known to most of the students, but this degree furnishes the chance of perceiving deep in religion as well as their inner realization and other significance. This program is designed for three-years in Buddhist Studies leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. An elective fourth year of study of Bachelor of Arts leads to the Honors degree. This program focuses on Buddhist Philosophy and Himalayan Language. As Buddhist Philosophy covers the about two-thirds of the course and rest third part is of Himalayan languages such as Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Nepali. During the language class modern and classical Tibetan language are taught from the first year and the whole program, by third-year students will have enough knowledge about Tibetan to understand the Philosophical teaching offered directly in Tibetan. Several important Buddhist, Nepali, Sanskrit languages are gradually introduced giving the students a broad introduction to the languages. By the end of the BA program, successful students will have developed a wide knowledge of Buddhist traditions and international language, students will be familiar and able to follow teachings directly in Tibetan. Click the link, how Kathmandu University-Centre For Buddhist Studies handles to know the about the position of the law to control the body and mind and heart.

MA in Buddhist Studies

M.A Buddhist Studies is a special program that provides the required methods and skills and develops abilities to conduct mature research activities within the field of Buddhist Studies. If you are interested in undertaking this course, then join Kathmandu University- Centre for Buddhist Studies. This MA program is designed for two-years. This program helps students gain the method and skills required for the advanced academic research and develop their ability to tackle solo research project in the field of Buddhist Studies. In this program the study significance the necessary competence in classical Tibetan and Sanskrit to conduct research in Buddhist Literature and in languages classes, students study detailed classical Buddhist literature from Sanskrit and Tibetan tradition. It will provide students to read complex Philosophical material in a primary source language. Read more for the details regarding the course and other additional pieces of information in its official website.