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Kathmandu University School of Engineering

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Kathmandu University School of Engineering (KUSOE), established in 1994 AD, has been running various bachelor and master programs mainly specialized in the field of engineering. It is an autonomous, non-profit, and self-funding academic institution. It has departments of computer science and engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical science and engineering, and geomantics engineering. It is situated in Dhulikhel, Kathmandu. The academic programs in each area of engineering open up career paths in related fields after meticulous learning of engineering courses. The School of Engineering academic departments always seek to produce self-motivated, competitive, and creative graduates with entrepreneurial mindsets after the successful completion of the course.

Principal Message

School of Engineering Kathmandu University has been a world-class engineering school since its inception and represents our country in the global arena. We focus on benchmarks of excellence in areas of research that target societal challenges, empowering education to be a change agent for the future, equal and equitable access in engineering areas, and entrepreneurship to bring great ideas to global industry. The main learning mantras adopted by the school of engineering are problem-based, project-based, challenge-based learning, and research on pressing issues of sustainable development with emerging technologies, such as climate change.

We have both challenges and opportunities before us, and it is possible with unification and hard work from engineering students.

Prof Manish Pokhrel


School of Engineering


Here are reasons to select Engineering courses from Kathmandu University School of Engineering:

  • higher study in Engineering with inducing towards research and development.
  • experience of working in professional environment.
  • handson skill development in each specific areas.
  • Financial aid and scholarship under University Grants' Commissions formula funding.
  • Lab work assisted by lecturers and guest lecturers from experts.
  • Widely recognized and validated academic programs in concentrated areas of Engineering in Nepal.

Scholarships at KUSOE

Need and partial based scholarship as per KU provision.University Grants formula funding based  scholarship and department provisions for specific program scholarship/ financial aid.


The facilities offered by School of Engineering Kathmandu University are:

  • Internship
  • Financial aid/scholarship
  • Exchange program
  • students club
  • Experience faculty and visiting faculty and experts

The various programs at KUSOE are as follows:

Bachelor in Geomatic Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Geomatics Engineering from Kathmandu University School of Engineering uses new technology of data collection, electronic equipment for measuring, earth circling satellites positioning, computers for data processing and generate plans. It is used in government Ministry and Departments, Nepal Army, Nepal Electric Authority etc. It can also be used in large scale industry like refineries, dam sites, pipelines and surfaces. This program has 45 days of industrial internship training.

Master of Technology in IT

Master of Technology in Information technology is two years four semesters 60 total credit hours of study program of KUSOE. It provides broad and advanced knowledge of computation, data science, artificial intelligence, and helps to open new opportunities locally and globally. It provides knowledge of experimental testing, industrial control and engineering areas to produce AI graduates in national and global markets.

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture is five years program with four months internship program of Kathmandu University School of Engineering. It provides designing knowledge of site on complex topographic site conditions. It focuses on green and sustainable builkding design, rural architecture landscaping, to create model human settlements.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and electronics Engineering is four years program of Kathmandu University. It provides indepth knowledge and specializations with understanding of power Engineering, power electronics, power quality, power systems modeling, planning, operation and control. It is at a spread of eight semesters of study within four years periods.

BE in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering is one of the program from Department of Mechanical Engineering that provides knowledge in areas of design and manufacturing, energy technology and hydropower, etc with broad way of teaching and learning such as project work, case studies, group discussions, field visit, classroom presentation, and develop leadership and communication skills.

MS by Research

Master of Research program is two years full and three years partial research based programs under Departments of CS, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical and Geomantics Engineering. This is an active research where students engage in finding solutions to research questions under guidance of designated supervisors.

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering is four years program offered by Kathmandu University that provides broad knowledge of chemical processing and technologies, engineering and computational tools, design of sustainable engineering ecosystems for large scale processing and operations of industries. It has a compulsory internship besides the regular theory and practical courses designed by Faculty of Engineering.

Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering

BE in Computer Engineering