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Kathmandu University-School of Science

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The Kathmandu University School of Medicine (KUSMS) is stationed at Dulikhel, Kavrepalanchok. The Kathmandu University is an institute with different branches. The university provides well-furnished libraries, laboratories, and classrooms. The school often organizes events that play an important role in student life. The school also provides scholarships through various aspects such as sports, academics,etc. The university also provides a formal undergraduate degree in physiotherapy.

Why Kathmandu University School of Science ?

The Kathmandu University School of Medicine (KUSMS) is situated at Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok. Kathmandu University (KU) is an educational institute established in association with Kathmandu University (KU). The Kathmandu University School of Medicine (KUSMS) started its own MBBS program in August 2001. The School of Medicine also provides scholarships to qualified students in academics and according to the quota. Kathmandu University School of Science (KUSMS) is the college where the undergraduate physiotherapy course is delivered in Nepal.

The School of Medicine has infrastructure and physical facilities that are stationed at different places:

  • Basic Sciences building at the hilltop of Chaukot, Panauti Municipality-1.
  • The main building is at Dhulikhel.

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS) is close to both locations, and it can also be accessed from Kathmandu University Complex. The Basic Sciences department has 7 various departments with the required number of laboratories, lecture halls, which include PBL classrooms, audiovisual facilities (media tech), and a library with 24 hours of internet facilities.

The various programs at Kathmandu University School of Science are as follows:

BSc Applied Physics

If u want to graduate with highly professional competent skills and promote development and research activities in the field of physics then B.Sc. Applied Physics in Kathmandu University-School Of Science is the right choice for u. For more information browse the link.

Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering

Know why to join Bachelor of technology in environmental engineering at Kathmandu University-School Of Science. Also get all the details on the fee structure, academic requirement, eligibility criteria, career opportunity, infrastructures, and others.

BSc Human Biology

If you wish to be highly qualified in more than one branch of knowledge that studies human through different fields then B.Sc Biology is the right option for you.Click the link to gather more information.

Master in Pharmacy

Kathmandu University-School of science offers you the best degree in Masters in Pharmacy, this degree takes seven years to complete. Click the link to know additional information on the oldest ethical degree inclined by this University.

Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology is the evolving program of Kathmandu University-School of Science that helps the individual to develop their knowledge and accomplishment in the sector of Biotechnology. For more information on how KU-School of Science holds Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology to its higher level.

MEd Math

Master of Education in Mathematics (M.Ed.Math) is the degree provided by Kathmandu University-School of Science that develops individuals who are focused on teaching sector of Mathematics.Degree in KU-M.Ed.Math guides the individual to be qualified for expert certification in teaching maths.For more information about the academic procedure, fee structure, career opportunity, click on the link.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course aims to produce a well-rounded dental graduate who is competent and highly qualified. The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course runs for the duration of four and a half years of undergraduate education. The BDS student also need to work as intern for a year. 

There are six dental colleges which offers Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course in partnership with Kathmandu University. The emphasis of the curricular access is community orientation, integrated teaching- learning and problem-based learning.

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a course with duration of five and a half year long undergraduate course of Kathmandu University (KU). The course also includes one-year internship that is mandatory. The Kathmandu University awards the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. The standards and criteria is accepted with the strict order according to the requirements of Nepal Medical Council and Kathmandu University. The MBBS program is offered with affiliation to Kathmandu University by Ten Medical Colleges. The college also offers one-year internship to the students.

The MBBS program of KU is divided into first two years of study that consists of basic medical sciences. The course also includes an introduction to clinical sciences. The students learn the principles and skills of clinical medicine by revolving around various medical specialists.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

The Physiotherapy practice was started in Nepal 45 years back with some of the health professional. Some of the nurses in the Government Hospital were delivered a training in physiotherapy. As a result, the nurses continued their job as a therapist.

The main endeavor of Physiotherapist is to produce the graduates who have the competency to solve problems and make decisions with good communication. The practitioner must have the depth knowledge of the science as well as practice of physiotherapy. The physiotherapy enables the safety of the patient in various situations. 

BSc Environmental Science

Bachelor of Pharmacy