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Bachelor of Dental Surgery | KU

Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) degree provides education mainly related to procedures and surgery of teeth as well as jaw bones gums etc. This degree is provided by Kathmandu University (KU). After completing this course, students will be able to understand the oral diseases, dental problems and its solution.

Bachelor in Dental Surgery course contains curriculum that will provide knowledge on Basic Dental Science and Clinical Practice. In the first year, students will gain experiences on clinical procedure. In Nepal, there are various colleges which are running this with the course progression, students will gain knowledge about professionalism, teamwork and social responsibility that they should embrace in the profession of dental sector. 

Objectives of Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The key objectives of Bachelor in Dental Surgery program for the students are:-

  • To help them understand the concepts and principles of medical dentistry, surgery and dental health.
  • To ingrain them with the fundamental and scientific knowledge to identify common dental health problems and provide advice to the general population on oral health and health related matters.
  • To produce globally valuable and competent manpower who demonstrate an understanding of contemporary knowledge and skills.
  • To develop and prepare them in both theoretical as well as practical approaches of dentistry and surgery.
  • BSD tends to motivate and introduce them into the world of medicine, surgery and dental health.
  • To understand the moral structure and ethics of a medical profession.

Career and Scope

The Bachelor in Dental Surgery graduates will be able to grab opportunity in various sectors. Such as:-

  • In hospitals, dental clinics and various health departments
  • Educator or professor in dental colleges.
  • Advisors in Medical Insurance firms.
  • Researcher and advising roles in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Medical Army Personal.
  • Advisors in dental equipment manufacturing companies that manufacture user-end product.
  • As a private dental consultant.