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Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) is an undergraduate program offered by Kathmandu University (KU) that teaches subjects to help understand human nature and their behavior in the society. Some of the major subject includes Sociology, Psychology, Criminology that helps to establish general principles about individuals and groups. This program also deals with subject such as Political Science, Human Ecology, International Development, Public Policy, Sustainability, Demography, Governance and Economics that affects society as a whole.

BoSS in Kathmandu University is a unique and innovative 4 year program, spreading over eight semesters covering a total of 129 credit hours. This program provides 16 weeks of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students in each semester empowering them to focus on the dynamics of the society and to find solutions to social issues at national and international level. After the completion of the course, graduates can work independently as researchers or social entrepreneur or work in policy institutes, research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organization and private organizations. Also, this course gives students an option of taking foreign language as a part of the course.

List of Bachelor of Social Sciences Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Social Sciences program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

College Name Phone Area
National College for Higher Education 01- 4520871, 4540410, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Apply

Objectives of Bachelor of Social Sciences

  • To produce social entrepreneur, analysts and social researchers 
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the students to build up a deeper understanding of the social change process from social, psychological, cultural and political perspective 
  • To produce the human resources with a high level of executive and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to solve societal issues at local, national and international level 
  • To develop proficient and enthusiastic human resources outfitted with the research skills, both qualitative and quantitative for the application in social sciences 
  • To produce successful human resources who can carry out, analyze and execute plans and policies for the overall development of local and international community 
  • To help students to improve their intellectual and analytical abilities, decision making, leadership and gain understanding of the local and global society to build a successful career 
  • To provide cross-culture awareness, communal research skills, knowledge of health care management and project planning and analysis

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Social Sciences

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 (Higher Secondary Education Board) or Proficiency Certificate Level(PCL), or equivalent level certificate with minimum 45% in aggregate or at least grade D in three subjects in A-Level. 
  • The applicant must pass entrance examination comprising of written or oral tests with the minimum pass score. Written exam will include the subjects; Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. 

Required Documents: 

1. Copy of Character Certificates

2. Copy of a Secondary Education Examination (SEE) or equivalent mark sheet 

3. Copy of a 10+2 (HSEB) or equivalent transcript 

4. Copy of a Migration Certificate (Original during the admission) 

5. Copy of a Citizenship Certificate or valid Passport   

First Semester

  • ENGL161: English I (Writing and Vocabulary)
  • GEOG111: Introduction to Human Geography
  • SOCL111: Sociology I
  • ECON111: Introduction to Economics
  • NEPL111: Nepali I (Grammar & Writing)
  • COMM111: Seminar: Creative Writing

Second Semester

  • ENGL162: English II (Literature)
  • CHIL111: Foreign Language A- Chinese I
  • GRMN111: Foreign Language A- German I
  • ANTH111: Introduction to Anthropology
  • MAST111: Quantitative Methods
  • POLS111: Politics, State and Society
  • NEPL112: Nepali II (Literature)
  • COMM112: Seminar: Oral & Poster Presentation

Third Semester

  • SOCL212: Social Mobilization
  • ANTH211: Indigenous People and Culture
  • PSYC211: Social Psychology
  • GEOG211: GIS in Social Science
  • CHIL211: Foreign Language B- Chinese II
  • GRMN211: Foreign Language B- German II

Fourth Semester

  • SOCL213: Social and Cultural Change
  • COMM211: Media and Society
  • SOCL214 : Ethnicity and Social Inclusion
  • ECON211: Economics of Social Issues
  • POLS211: Introduction to Public Policy
  • PHIL211: Biography & Philosophy

Fifth Semester

  • SOCL311: Conflict and Society
  • SOCL312: Religions, Ethics and Society
  • ECON311: Globalization and Society
  • SOCL313: Crime and Society
  • SOCL314: Women and Feminism Studies
  • POLS311: Governance and Social Accountability

Sixth Semester

  • PROJ311: Project Analysis and Design
  • SOCL315: Heritage, Tourism and Society
  • ENVT311: Social Impact Assessment
  • ECON312: Social Entrepreneurship
  • DEVS305: Research Methodology

Seventh Semester

  • SOCL411: Internship
  • SOCL413: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 1- Demographic Sociology I- Rural sociology
  • SOCL414: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 1- Demographic Sociology II- Urban sociology
  • SOCL 415: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 1- Demographic Sociology III- Sociology of Migration
  • ANTH411: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 2- Development Anthropology I- Anthropology of Modernization
  • ANTH412: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 2- Development Anthropology II- Anthropology of Technology Development
  • ANTH413: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 2- Development Anthropology III- Anthropology of Natural Resource Management
  • PHLT 411: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 3- Social Policy I- Health Concept and Policy
  • ESCP411: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 3- Social Policy II- Educational Policy
  • HRGT411: Electives (select one area of three subjects) Area 3- Social Policy III- Human Rights

Eighth Semester

  • SOCL405: Project Work
  • SOCL407: International Relations

Scope and Career Prospects

This program focuses to produce 

  • Social Researchers 
  • Community Health Worker 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Demographer 
  • Diplomat 
  • Economist 
  • Environmental Consultant 
  • Ethics Adviser 
  • Human Resource Manager 
  • Resource Development Officer 
  • Policy Analyst 
  • Public Relation Officer

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