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MA Buddhist Studies is a degree awarded by Kathmandu University. This degree is a 2-year program that develops skills and knowledge related to literature and languages for students. Students will be held independently responsible for researching the field of Buddhist Studies. They will learn new languages such as Sanskrit and Classical Tibetan, as well as approaches related to Buddhist Studies.

At the beginning, each student will be assigned a supervisor who will work with them on their thesis and proposals. In the first year, the focus will be on developing knowledge of Classical Tibetan and Sanskrit for researching Buddhist Studies, enabling graduates to read complex and critical philosophical materials. Additionally, they will engage in the study of religion.

In the following year, undergraduates will create their thesis with the help of the information gained from their research in the first year. They will prepare their thesis while working with an experienced thesis supervisor.

Objectives of MA in Buddhist Studies

The objectives of MA Buddhist Studies program are asfollows:
  • To broaden their knowledge of Buddhism as a global religion,
  • To be introduced to an academic approach characterized by critical distance and empathy,
  • To promote and propagate the teachings and principles of Buddha.

Career and Scope

After completing MA Buddhist Studies degree, graduates can develop their careers in particular fields such as:

  • Teaching
  • Translation
  • Academic research
  • Travel writing
  • Archaeology

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