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Research oriented discipline, the MS by Research offered by the Kathmandu University (KU) is a two year program for full-time participants whereas part-time students can expect to complete this program within three years. The students are expected to take three to four subjects related to their study field with the consent of the supervisor. In order to get enrolled in this program, supervisor shall be allocated beforehand as enrollment is not possible without supervisor agreeing to supervise the participant.

To complete this program successfully, participants have to produce a study result. It is preferred that the study's result is published in the form of national or international journal papers. Evaluation committee evaluates the outcome of research after supervisor's recommend. The degree is granted only if study outcome satisfy the committee and participants meet the minimum CGPA requirements.

Since this degree is a research-based program, participants are allowed to choose the subject of their interest by them self but only after consulting their supervisor. As per their supervisor's suggestion, participants should undertake three to four courses of three credits. Since dissertation is the major component of this program, participants need to put a major emphasis on it. However, dissertation is not given any credits.

List of MS by Research Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for MS by Research program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

Objectives of MS by Research

Some of the specific objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To provide students with an insight into the diverse field of engineering.
  • To encourage life-long learning and research.

Admission Requirements in MS by Research

  • Admission is open throughout the year. Applicants interested in pursuing this program must have to complete a degree in Electrical and Electronics, Electrical, Electronics or any other engineering disciplines which are pertinent to the research area of supervisor's interest.
  • At first, the applicant should submit the research proposal to the department.
  • Applicant gets admission on the recommendation of the supervisor.

Scope and Career Prospects

This degree opens a gate for an array of employment opportunities. They have the option to enter the teaching field or join R&D labs. This degree prepares students for further education as well. After completion of this program, applicant may opt to join Ph.D. program.

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