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Kathmandu University (KU) offers the PhD program in mathematics under Department of Natural Science. Natural Science is the combination of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is one of the highest and prestigious degrees that an individual can get in academic sector. PhD program is highly valued because it is the original research done under the guidance and supervision of faculty members who is an expert of the topic. For a PhD degree, the candidates needs knowledge, analytical skills, dedication, creativity, hard work, calmness, patience and good understanding of various scientific models, experiments and statistical tools. In today’s research oriented world, the PhD holds much significance and earning of this degree symbolizes that individual is in path of getting expertise in that field. In case of mathematics, the current researches are on the field: fixed point theory and its applications, bio-mathematics, numeric in odes & pdes, queuing and reliability, and computational fluid dynamics.

List of PhD in Mathematics Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for PhD in Mathematics program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

Objectives of PhD in Mathematics

The main objectives of PhD in mathematics are as follows:

  • To help individuals create a strong foundation in analysis, geometry, topology, algebra, and applied mathematics, etc.
  • To help individuals expand the mathematical knowledge further than the MS level with specialization in fields of pure and applied mathematics and its interdisciplinary fields
  • To help individuals become a specialist in certain aspects of mathematics so that he/she can contribute to the development of the mathematics field by becoming active in education and publication
  • To generate best educational output in the field of mathematics and help in uplifting the country through the field of mathematics

Admission Requirements in PhD in Mathematics

Eligibility criteria:

Minimum Qualification for Admission:

  • The candidate with Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Degree will be admitted into Pre-PhD.
  • After successful completion of Pre-PhD, the candidate will be registered for PhD program.
  • The PhD program is of 3-5 years.

Admission Procedures:

  • Application is asked from the candidates.
  • After the application, the interview/ test is conducted to check whether the individual is fit for PhD program or not.
  • Then in the temporary registration, the individual should complete minimum of 15 credits of courses as prescribed by the research committee.

PhD in Mathematics Syllabus

Scope and Career Prospects

If you are a doctorate in Mathematics then you can be considered as the highly skilled manpower in the field of mathematics. A PhD graduates can get job as the lecturers and professors in the universities and colleges. Graduates can get senior level jobs at NGO/INGOs, international organizations, government departments that are related to science and technology. One can work as the advisor and directors in different private and public organizations working in the field of applied science. A PhD degree holder can work as a core researcher in the field of mathematics. The PhD graduates in mathematics are highly appreciated and regarded in the developed countries. One can get good job opportunities abroad. So, the PhD in the mathematics open us numerous scope for those who are willing to become an expert and then get good remuneration after that.

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