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Kathmandu University (KU) offers a PhD program in Mathematics through the Department of Natural Science. The field of Natural Science encompasses physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is highly esteemed in the academic sector as it involves original research conducted under the guidance of expert faculty members. To pursue a PhD degree, candidates need knowledge, analytical skills, dedication, creativity, hard work, calmness, patience, and a strong understanding of various scientific models, experiments, and statistical tools. In today's research-oriented world, earning a PhD holds significant value and symbolizes expertise in a specific field. In the case of mathematics, current research focuses on fixed point theory and its applications, bio-mathematics, numeric in ODEs and PDEs, queuing and reliability, and computational fluid dynamics.

Objectives of PhD in Mathematics

The main objectives of PhD in mathematics are as follows:

  • To provide individuals with a solid foundation in analysis, geometry, topology, algebra, applied mathematics, and other relevant areas.
  • To enable individuals to expand their mathematical knowledge beyond the master's level, specializing in pure and applied mathematics and interdisciplinary fields.
  • To cultivate individuals into specialists in specific aspects of mathematics, capable of contributing to the development of the field through active involvement in education and publication.
  • To generate excellent educational outcomes in the field of mathematics and contribute to the advancement of the country through mathematics.

Admission Requirements in PhD in Mathematics

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for PhD in Mathematics are as follows:

  • Candidates with a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree are eligible for admission into the Pre-PhD program.
  • After successfully completing the Pre-PhD program, candidates are registered for the PhD program.
  • The duration of the PhD program is typically 3-5 years.

Admission Procedures:

The admission procedure for PhD in Mathematics are as follows:

  • Candidates are required to submit applications.
  • Following the application process, an interview/test is conducted to assess the suitability of the individual for the PhD program.
  • Temporary registration requires completion of a minimum of 15 credits of courses as prescribed by the research committee.

Career and Scope

Being a doctorate in Mathematics positions individuals as highly skilled professionals in the field. PhD graduates can pursue careers as:

  • Lecturers and Professors at universities and colleges
  • Senior-level positions in NGOs, INGOs, international organizations, and government departments related to science and technology
  • Advisors and Directors in various private and public organizations involved in applied science
  • Core researchers in the field of mathematics.

PhD graduates in mathematics are highly valued and respected, particularly in developed countries, offering good job opportunities abroad. Therefore, a PhD in mathematics opens up numerous prospects for those seeking expertise and substantial remuneration in the field.

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