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Undergraduate in BA Music : Kathmandu University

Undergraduate in BA Music degree is degree accomplished in three year, that develops to prepare musician with broad sense of musical and academic training. This degree is for those students who plan to make career in music. This degree is designed as part of liberal arts education experience rather than as preparation for a music career. It focuses on aspects of music that develop and encourages personal development that helps with the fundamental skills of students. It is creative course which combines music making, academic study and enterprise. This degree is designed to make detail understanding of key popular music knowledge relevant to areas of the music technology and professional practices.

List of Undergraduate in BA Music Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Undergraduate in BA Music programs:


  • To provide education on musical tradition of Nepal for their survival and development through study, practice, communication, etc
  • <span style="\\"font-size:" 12px;\\"="">To preserve traditional music of Nepal
  • To uplift and develop the traditional music of Nepal
  • To produce competitive and skillful musician in all field of music
  • To help the student to develop sound critical judgment related to sound and discriminating taste in the performance and literature of music
  • To prepare students as teacher so that they can teach music to others

Course of Study

1st Semester

  • Music Theory and Notation
  • Practical Music I
  • Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • English I
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali I

2nd Semester

  • Study Skills
  • Practical Music II
  • Sound Recording and Amplification
  • English II
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali II

3rd Semester

  • Music and Society
  • Practical music III
  • English III
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali III
  • South Asian Civilisation I
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Nepal

4th Semester

  • Practical Music IV
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • World Music I: Introduction
  • English IV
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali IV
  • South Asian Civilization II

5th Semester

  • Music of South Asia I: Great Traditions
  • Practical Music V
  • Aural Training I
  • Music of Nepal I: Kathmandu Valley
  • English V
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali V

6th Semester

  • Music of South Asia II: Local Traditions
  • Practical Music VI
  • Aural Training II
  • Music of Nepal II: Music of the hills & other areas
  • English VI
  • (for foreign students) :Nepali VI

7th Semester

  • Classical Western Music I: Greece, Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque
  • Practical Music VII
  • Audio Studio Technique
  • World Music II: European Folk Music,Middle East, Central Asia
  • Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal I

8th Semester

  • Classical Western Music II: Classical, Romantic, Modern
  • Aural Training III
  • Practical Music VIII
  • World Music III: Africa, America, South East and Far East Asia
  • Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal II

Scope and Career Prospects

Students completing this degree can make their career in following fields:

  • Recording artists
  • professional performers
  • studio producers/engineers
  • live sound engineers
  • freelance composers/arrangers
  • event organizers, promoters and entrepreneurs
  • teachers and lecturers
  • senior administrators
  • educational advisers

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