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Bachelor in Music (BMus) is a valued degree offered by Kathmandu University (K.U). BMus is also known as Ethnomusicology. This course is of four years and is based on semester system. This course has altogether eight semesters in total. This degree is essential to prepare artists with expansive sense and abstract knowledge of instrumental segment. This degree is for those students who are planning to make their career in the sector of song and instrument. This degree is designed as a part of liberal arts, education and experience. This course focuses on aspects of melodies which plays key role in personal improvement of learners. This course also encourages the students for their own growth and this course also helps to improve the fundamental skills of the students. It is creative course which combines melody making, academic study and enterprise. BMus degree is designed to provide detail understanding of all the knowledge related to the areas of modern technology and professional practices.

List of Undergraduate in BA Music Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Undergraduate in BA Music program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

College Name Phone Area

Objectives of Undergraduate in BA Music

The major objectives of this course are listed below:

  • To provide education on tradition of Nepal for their continued existence and improvement through study, practice, communication, etc.
  • To preserve traditional song culture of Nepal.
  • To uplift and develop the values of traditional music of Nepal.
  • To produce competitive and skillful instrumentalist.
  • To help the student to develop sound critical judgment related to sound and discriminating taste in the performance and literature.
  • To prepare the students as teacher so that they can teach the BMus to others students effectively and share the knowledge.

Admission Requirements in Undergraduate in BA Music

Eligibility for BMus Admission:

According to the admission restrictions prepared by Kathmandu University (K.U), Students must have to complete either10+2 or equivalent level from college/ universities recognized by Kathmandu University.  Students must have to pass the 10+2 or equivalent level with the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 or an equivalent of 50 percent marks, which are essential in order to be eligible for the admission.

First Semester

  • MUSC 011: Music Theory and Notation
  • MUSC 012: Practical Music I
  • MUSC 013: Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • MUSC 111: English I
  • MUSC 112: (for foreign students) :Nepali I

Second Semester

  • MUSC 021: Study Skills
  • MUSC 022: Practical Music II
  • MUSC 023: Sound Recording and Amplification
  • MUSC 121: English II
  • MUSC 122: (for foreign students) :Nepali II

Third Semester

  • MUSC 031: Music and Society
  • MUSC 032: Practical music III
  • MUSC 131: English III
  • MUSC 132: (for foreign students) :Nepali III
  • MUSC 133: South Asian Civilisation I
  • MUSC 134: Sociology and Anthropology of Nepal

Fourth Semester

  • MUSC 042: Practical Music IV
  • MUSC 043: Advanced Music Theory
  • MUSC 044: World Music I: Introduction
  • MUSC 141: English IV
  • MUSC 142: (for foreign students) :Nepali IV
  • MUSC 143: South Asian Civilization II

Fifth Semester

  • MUSC 051: Music of South Asia I: Great Traditions
  • MUSC 052: Practical Music V
  • MUSC 053: Aural Training I
  • MUSC 054: Music of Nepal I: Kathmandu Valley
  • MUSC 151: English V
  • MUSC 152: (for foreign students) :Nepali V

Sixth Semester

  • MUSC 061: Music of South Asia II: Local Traditions
  • MUSC 062: Practical Music VI
  • MUSC 063: Aural Training II
  • MUSC 064: Music of Nepal II: Music of the hills & other areas
  • MUSC 161: English VI
  • MUSC 162: (for foreign students) :Nepali VI

Seventh Semester

  • MUSC 071: Classical Western Music I: Greece, Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque
  • MUSC 072: Practical Music VII
  • MUSC 073: Audio Studio Technique
  • MUSC 074: World Music II: European Folk Music,Middle East, Central Asia
  • MUSC 171: Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal I

Eighth Semester

  • MUSC 081: Classical Western Music II: Classical, Romantic, Modern
  • MUSC 083: Aural Training III
  • MUSC 082: Practical Music VIII
  • MUSC 084: World Music III: Africa, America, South East and Far East Asia
  • MUSC 181: Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal II

Scope and Career Prospects

Students who complete this degree can make their career in the following fields:

  • Recording artists
  • Professional performers
  • Studio producers and engineers
  • Live sound engineers
  • Freelance composers and rrangers
  • Event organizers, promoters and entrepreneurs
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Senior administrators
  • Educational advisers

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