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Undergraduate in BA Music | KU

The Bachelor in Music (BMus) degree, also known as Ethnomusicology, is a prestigious program offered by Kathmandu University (KU). It is a four-year course based on the semester system, consisting of eight semesters in total. The BMus degree is designed to prepare artists with a broad understanding and abstract knowledge of instrumental music. It is intended for students who aspire to pursue a career in the field of music, specifically in singing and playing instruments. This degree is a part of liberal arts education and provides experiential learning opportunities. It focuses on the art of melody, which plays a crucial role in the personal development of learners. The course encourages students' artistic growth and helps improve their foundational skills. It combines creativity, academic study, and enterprise, offering a comprehensive understanding of modern technology and professional practices in the music industry.

Objectives of Undergraduate in BA Music

The main objectives of the BMus program are as follows:

  • To provide education on the traditions of Nepal for their preservation, continued existence, and improvement through study, practice, and communication.
  • To preserve the traditional song culture of Nepal.
  • To uplift and develop the values of traditional music in Nepal.
  • To produce skilled and competitive instrumentalists.
  • To help students develop sound critical judgment and discriminating taste in performance and literature.
  • To prepare students to become effective teachers who can impart their knowledge of BMus to others.

Admission Requirements in Undergraduate in BA Music

Eligibility for admission to the BMus program is as follows:

Students must have completed the 10+2 or equivalent level from colleges or universities recognized by Kathmandu University. Students must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent level with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 or an equivalent of 50 percent marks to be eligible for admission.

Career and Scope

Graduates of the BMus program have various career opportunities, including:

  • Recording artists
  • Professional performers
  • Studio producers and engineers
  • Live sound engineers
  • Freelance composers and arrangers
  • Event organizers, promoters, and entrepreneurs
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Senior administrators
  • Educational advisers

Completing this degree equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue successful careers in the music industry, both nationally and internationally.