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Khwopa Engineering College

Contact Information

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Khwopa Engineering College (KhEC) with its motto, “Dedicated to Country and People,” is the foremost community-based engineering college in Nepal, which was established in 2008. It is affiliated with Purbanchal University, and is undertaken by the municipality of Bhaktapur with Khwopa Circle of educational institutions including Khwopa Polytechnic Institute, Khwopa Higher Secondary School and Khwopa College under its wings. Located at a historically and culturally affluent city of Bhaktapur, KhEC has proved to be the right choice for the aspiring architects and engineers in Nepal at affordable fees.

KhEC strives to produce qualified and technical professionals in engineering and architecture who can blend and reflect the traditional and modern art and technologies through their work. With its farsightedness of seeing Nepal as a developed nation in the global scenario, KhEC offers excellent services without compromising in quality education.

The prime objective KhEC is to facilitate the economically common ground in the society and shape them to become efficient and competent architects and engineers in the future. Also, KcHE is highly concerned towards the conservation and improvement of the native and the indigenous technologies, skills and knowledge.

Currently, Khwopa College of Engineering offers Bachelors Degree courses in Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor in Civil Engineering.

Principal Message

The principal of KhEC, Er. Sunil Duwal says that the primary objective of the instution was to provide quality education to the students at an affordable fee. Since establishment in 2008, it has successfully maintained its pristine environment and has become a renowned engineering college in the country. It has recruited a team of dedicated teaching faculties and supportive administrators to deliver excellent teaching facility. As a result, they will be able to achieve high academic achievements.

He further adds that it aims to produce engineers possessing skills, abilities, attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs that enable them to compete in the national and international market. He urges students and guardians to visit it and experience the convenient education and joyful environment.

Why Khwopa College ?

  • KhEC undertaken by the Bhaktapur Municipality is located at an easily accessible and pristine environment in the cultural city of Bhaktapur.
  • It consists of a team of qualified and dedicated faculties of teaching and administrative staff as well as the local community.
  • The primary focus is to bring out an individual graduate from every family and transition the state of society through intelligence.
  • KhEC organizes regular research-based practical projects related to traditional architecture, indigenous materials and native archeological compositions.

Scholarships at Khwopa College

There are different types of full, half and partial scholarships granted to the students in various categories at Khwopa College.

There are merit-based and need-based scholarships awarded to the potential students. Candidates scoring a minimum of 75% in +2 in Science or Diploma in Engineering as well as the highest scorer in entrance examination conducted by it will be awarded a full scholarship.

Also, there is a provision of scholarships to the economically needy.


Some of the major facilities of Khwopa College of Engineering are:

1. Well-equipped laboratories: There are well-equipped and full-furnished laboratories at the KhCE to facilitate in carrying out various practical works and project assignments.

2. Library: Library has a collection of numerous books and references, reading materials and journals along with subscription to leading newspapers and magazines related to the course of the study.

3. Transportation facility: It also provides transportation facilities.

4. Financial Assistance: There is a wide range of scholarship facilities and financial support.

Additional Information

Admission Procedure

Applicants wishing to enroll in Khwopa Engineering College have to sit for an entrance examination conducted by the Purbanchal University. The applicants should have a minimum of 45% pass marks in +2 Science or Diploma in Engineering or equivalent to be eligible for the admission.

The various programs at Khwopa College are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

What are the reasons to study BE Civil at Khowpa College of Engineering? To know the facilities, career opportunities, fees structure, admission seats and many other details, you can browse the BE Civil Engineering page and find out the reasons. 

Master of Engineering in Earthquake

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

Khowpa College of Computer Engineering provides 4 years course of Computer Engineering under the affiliation of PU. It provides detail knowledge on software design and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. This field not only focuses on how computer system themselves work, but also how they integrated into the larger picture.

Bachelor of Architecture

Browse to collect the information and details about Bachelor of Architecture, it's fee structure, facilities, admission criteria and other details. know why to join Bachelor of Architecture at Khowpa college and also get feedback related to this subject directly from its student. 

Master of Science in Urban Design in Conservation

Bachelor in Electronics, Communication and automation engineering