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Khwopa college, which was founded in 1999 AD, takes its name after the name of the ancient city of Bhaktapur i.e., Khwopa. Khwopa is the only one community-based service-oriented college in Khwopa city. This college has been administered by the Bhaktapur Municipality; Local government of Bhaktapur. The major aims of the Khwopa is to develop Bhaktapur as a center of excellence and to offer higher education for general people at inexpensive fee.

Why Khwopa ?

Khwopa is the finest choice for those students, who are craving for quality education along with practical knowledge. The college has adopted latest methodologies of teaching learning equipment which are auxiliaries to good education arrangement of the college. To expand the facility of education as one of the basic needs, this institution has been dedicated with a precise mission: committed for people and professionalism. Even though this college is in the inner part of the oldest city of Bhaktapur, it presumes that it has already invited the students from sixty-five districts of Nepal.

Additionally, the combined efforts of the college management committee along with the expert professionals, professors, medalists, and academicians have made Khwopa a model of academic field of Nepal. The result percentage obtained by the graduates also displays the excellence of Khwopa.

Scholarships at Khwopa

In the current context of Nepal, education is being expensive as well as unaffordable for many peoples. Khwopa provides its educational services at reasonable fees and it provides education at an affordable fee structure as well.

Khwopa provides scholarships to all the deserving and brilliant scholars from each faculty. Selection of candidates for the scholarship opportunities is done by the Management Committee of the College. As per the Management, Scholarships are given to those students, who are admitted in MA (ECO), Bas. MBA, MA in English, BA, Environmental science, and applied sciences (PCM/PSM). PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics whereas PSM stands for Physics, Statistics, and Mathematics.

Khwopa provides 25-100% monthly fee reduction for poor and smart students in each faculty. Toppers of each internal examination of all faculties in Bachelor’s level are granted with scholarship of at least 4 months fee waive but the students must have to secure minimum 60% aggregate marks in the internal examination conducted by the college itself.


Khwopa is not only the oldest college but also a respectable institution where talented professors, lecturers, faculty members, students, as well as sensible parents can find a better educational environment there. So, the management of the Khwopa is always aware of what is new and what best can be offered to the students. The college provides various facilities like laboratories, well-equipped libraries, well-furnished class rooms, properly managed canteens, properly linked transportation facility and sports facility as well.

Additional Information

Furthermore, to talk about the accessibility to the college, Khwopa is a maximum 15-minute walk from any of the outskirts of the town. Public bus services are also available, which operate via Kathmandu-Kamal Binayak, Lagankhel-Bhaktapur, and Gongabu-Bhaktapur. The public bus will drop you at Dekocha chowk and the college is only a couple of minutes away from the Dekocha chowk. Students coming from Kavrepalanchok side can get down at Jagati and walk 15 minutes through the town to the college.

The various programs at Khwopa are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Management

BSc Physics

Bachelor of Arts

BSc Environmental Science

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Education


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