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Koshi Multiple Campus

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Koshi Multiple Campus is situated in Bhrikutee Chowk, Biratnagar. It provides Plus 2 of the National Examinations Board in Education and Management streams. Besides that, it has one-year Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Business Studies, four-year Bachelor of Education, Master of Education general, and Master of Business Studies programs at Tribhuvan University, all run by experienced and well-qualified faculty on this campus. Since back in 2053, B.S. Koshi Multiple Campus has been excelling at providing quality education to thousands of students. In fact, Koshi Multiple Campus is the first private campus in Biratnagar. Today, it is successfully conducting intermediate- to masters-level programs for many students who are changemakers in society and nation. It has well-equipped resources and infrastructure for a better learning experience for students. It provides affordable education to the public, even from marginalized backgrounds.

Why KMC ?

Here are reasons to choose Koshi Multiple Campus for higher studies:

  • Long-standing institution giving emphasis to public education of higher benchmarks.
  • Managed by a group of ambitious businessmen and educators.
  • interactive and respectful while learning inside and outside classrooms.
  • Better facilities and a well-experienced faculty of teachers and staff.
  • It is regarded as the best college for higher education in Biratnagar.

Scholarships at KMC

Koshi Multiple College offers attractive scholarship schemes to the toppers and financially weak students. The categorization of full scholarship schemes at Koshi Multiple Campus are as follows:

Scholarships at Koshi Multiple Campus

  • Full scholarship in tuition fee for the highest scorer in the bachelor's first year.
  • Full scholarship in tuition fee for the entrance topper.
  • Full discount in tuition fee in XI and Bachelor 1st year for distinction holders.
  • Rs. 1000 for the first division holder at the lower level.
  • Rs. 500, 300, and 200 were awarded for the first, second, and third internal test topper, respectively.
  • 25% discount in the annual tuition fee for one student if two or more students study on the campus of the same family.
  • Special Scholarship for Poor, Intelligent, Dalit, Janajati, and Marginalized People.
  • Special prizes and awards for outstanding students at various levels will be given at the annual day function.


Koshi Multiple Campus has these facilities:

  • Computer lab
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Scholarship
  • Internet access
  • Sports
  • Extra curricular works

The various programs at KMC are as follows:

Master of Business Studies

Master of Hospitality Management

If you like to pursue your career in hospitality management then this field is a very right option for you. To learn more about this course at Koshi Multiple Campus click on the link.

MEd - Master of Education

Koshi Multiple Campus offers different fields in Master of Education that assist students in enhancing their personal skills which aid them in the following career and making the contribution. To get more information and details in Master of Education and how this course is run and managed in this college, browse the link.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies offered by Koshi Multiple Campus aims to produce capable and knowledgeable students in developing their knowledge in the business and administration to enlarge their general managerial perspective. Read more to know about this college.

Bachelor of Education

As there is a very high demand of  Bachelor of Education for those who wants to pursue their aim at teaching. Then join Koshi Multiple Campus to become a successful professional in the teaching field.