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LA Grandee International College

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Phone: 01-061-523163 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

LA Grandee International College, commenced in the year 2000 AD with a core goal to produce skilled and efficient specialists for the sector of computer and Information Technology. Located at Simalchaur, Pokhara. This academy is one of the top Pokhara University (PoU) affiliated colleges in Nepal, which is working competently to develop networking with other international institutions to facilitate and exchange new knowledge and to establish strong relationships with employment services, for the good placements of its graduates.

Giving its best day by day—LA Grandee, at present, offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), and Bachelor in Public Health (BPH)  with its eminent programs, has highly experienced and qualified professionals from different Universities and other internationally recognized institutions. Bringing their practice to classes, lecturers execute a practical method into a theoretical approach. As a result, students experience a learning process, which prepares them for further studies and employment.

Why LA Grandee ?

As detailed by LA Grandee, it believes that all its courses are student-oriented. With a genuine motto “Students learn by themselves” College presented its motive—you take responsibility for your learning – you're in charge. They are not only trying to make their scholars effective independent learners but are also trying to develop a whole range of vital skills that will be so important—to discover students themselves and to prepare them for their future careers. There will be lectures with limited students, where one can discuss things with their teachers and other students as well. Depending on the course, LA Grandee organizes Community Health Diagnosis, Comprehensive Field Practice, Research Projects, Seminars, Field Visits, Internships, and Dissertations with a motive to provide an opportunity to students, so that they can implement all the theoretical knowledge into real-life situations. Even though the courses are challenging, an individual will learn creative and innovative skills to organize the rest of their life around their studies and make their everyday life more systematic.

Scholarships at LA Grandee

LA Grandee offers various Full as well as Partial Scholarships opportunities for needy and deserving candidates in six different categories. Considering it, they have been showing its affection towards its extraordinary and economically backward students by granting such scholarship schemes. Such as:

  • Need and Merit-Based Scholarships:

These schemes are for some students who are financially deprived and for those having excellent academic performance at Intermediate Level.

  • Janak Tara Scholarships:

Janak Tara Scholarships are for the Semester Toppers in BBA, BCA, and BPH. This includes a 100% reduction in tuition fees.

  • Pokhara University Scholarships:

This scholarship is provided to 10, 5, & 4 candidates of BBA, BCA, and BPH respectively.

  • Hirasawa Public Health Award:

Provided to one needy student with sound academic performance in BPH.

  • LA GRANDEE Dean’s List Award
  • LA GRANDEE Excellence Award:

The one with extraordinary performance in either academics or in co-curricular activities is eligible for this scholarship.


From the educational point of view, they offer a wide range of facilities to help students succeed in their academic endeavors such as:

  • Spacious classrooms, libraries, and labs are crucial to create an ideal learning environment.
  •  High-speed internet,
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Parents & Teachers’ meetings,
  • LA Grandee Awards.

The various programs at LA Grandee are as follows:

Bachelor of Public Health

Bachelor of Computer Application

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application