Laligurans Rastriya College

Laliguras Rashtriya College was established in 2060 with a motto called "to lead and serve." It provides the foundation to shape the careers of students and the growing demand for modern-day students. It has a huge complex and is sprawled over five acres of land. It also has well-equipped hotel management, science, and computer laboratories. There are 50 certified teachers who have given their invaluable knowledge and lessons to 15,000 students. Among those, Laliguras Rastriya College has seen 50 toppers. It offers programs in science, humanities, and management, along with bachelor and master programs in business studies and chartered accounting from the National Examinations Board at Tribhuvan University. It also offers scholarships for average to outstanding students, ranging from 10 percent to 90 percent of their tuition fees. The teaching and learning methods are innovative and unique approaches that cover project-based action learning so that students have skills in areas of research, projects, critical thinking, and problem solving that are required in the modern professional world today.

Principal Message

Laligurans Rastriya College is where students receive inexplicably unbound happiness. It aims to become synonymous with the finest quality of education,conventional teaching modalities, a strong network of human resources, visionary management, and a professional and experienced teaching team. We prioritize areas of your principles and expectations, and there will be no compromise on our side. You trust us, and we transform you in response.

Arya Singh Bhandari

The Principal

Why Laligurans College ?

You should choose to study in Laliguras Rashtriya College for these reasons:

  • Unique facilities and modern teaching methodologies.
  • academic toppers from different streams.
  • Professionaly designed academic programs.
  • excellence in academic quality.
  • enough motivation and inspiration for students to give them their best in all endeavors.

Scholarships at Laligurans College

Laligurans Rashtriya College offers these scholarship to the hardworking and outstanding students:

  • Full scholarship to students with A+ Grade.
  • 50 percent scholarship to A grade.
  • 30 percent scholarship to B+ Grade.
  • 20 percent scholarship to B grade.
  • 10 percent scholarship to C+ grade for SEE students.


The modern facilities and resources of Laligurans Rashtriya College are:

  • Scholarship,
  • Sports and Extra curricular activities,
  • Hotel management, Science and Computer Laboratories,
  • Well equipped library,
  • Transportation,
  • Multimedia rooms.

The various programs at Laligurans College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management

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