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Lalitpur Nursing Campus

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Lalitpur Nursing College opened its gate in 1959; however, it took forty-five years for LNC to become independent from United Mission to Nepal. Since the healthcare field is evolving rapidly, the academy ensures that the students keep pace with the changes by fostering a sound learning ambience. The major aim of the institution is to improve healthcare by developing compassionate and skilled nurses capable of handling the ever-changing health needs of people.

Initially named 'Shanta Bhawan Nursing School', the institution was founded by UMN to produce competent nurses for the Shanta Bhawan Hospital. Following the implementation of the new education policy by HMG in 1972, the entire higher educational institution came under TU. Accordingly, Lalitpur Nursing College became a part of IOM and then started to run under the affiliation of TU. The campus that was started by offering the Proficiency Certificate Lever program is now offering multiple courses.

Why Lalitpur Nursing Campus ?

Lalitpur Nursing College is run by competent faculty members whose major aim is to equip students with the practical knowledge and skills required to stand out in the challenging and demanding job market. Well-furnished and well-equipped labs with sophisticated equipment are major attractive objects. The institution emphasizes practical learning. The institution strives to offer world-class education at a very affordable price.



A cafeteria is not just a place to eat but also a place to rejuvenate, relax and interact. Also provides a spacious, hygienic canteen. The foods, beverages, and water are inspected carefully as the health of students and staff is very important. Varieties of food are served.


The library is spacious and filled with standardized textbooks and reference books.


Academy understands the need of exposing students to new technologies and equipment, thus it has a well-equipped and sophisticated lab.

The various programs at Lalitpur Nursing Campus are as follows:

Post Basic Bachelor Nursing

The two year program, Post Basic Bachelor Nursing is designed to prepare professional nurses with a specialty in Hospital, Psychiatric, midwifery and community nursing sectors. Students have option to specialize in midwifery, hospital nursing and community nursing. Students interested in pursuing this program should have completed Proficiency certificate Level in Nursing with at least second division from the universities or institutes acknowledge by Nepal Nursing Council.

Master of Nursing

The Master in Nursing (MN) is a two years course. Each year only five students are granted admission. Students studying this program have option to specialize in Women's Health Development. The admission is announced in the month of February/March.

BSc Nursing

PCL Nursing

PCL Nursing degree conducted at the LNC shall extend over duration of three academic years. The discipline aspires to produce competent nurses capable of providing nursing care at institutional or community level. Student's interested in pursuing this program should have passed SLC with at least fifty percent.