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Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF)

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Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF), the First IT College of Nepal, approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal, and recognized by Tribhuvan University. This academy is one of the top BIT conducting various Bachelor's and Master-level programs and producing IT professionals in Nepal for 25 years. More than 12000 students have graduated and have established careers as bankers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, and top-level managers. BIT at LBEF College is run in academic collaboration with the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), Malaysia.

LBEF College is located in Maitidevi, Kathmandu. The academy premises are spread over an area of 75,000 square feet of land in six blocks. Being a part of the LBEF Group of Institutions, and is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Since its commencement, LBEF has experienced stable growth, which is why it stands as one of the top-notch institutes in Nepal. 

Why LBEF Campus ?

  • Lord Buddha Education Foundation is the first Information Technology College in Nepal.
  • Has already imparted computer training to 500 students on behalf of the Nepal Government Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Developed teacher's personal information system for the education ministry of Nepal
  • 10000 plus graduate students 
  • Spacious infrastructure with state of art facilities
  • training and placements with industrial projects headed by training and placement officer
  • one to one remedial classes with personal tutors

Scholarships at LBEF Campus

Lord Buddha Education Foundation has launched several scholarship programs to provide monetary aid to academically sound but economically challenged students, supporting their studies. Also offers scholarships to 10% of the annual intake of students. To determine eligibility for the scholarships, they must take an online scholarship exam, fill out an application form, and submit it to the college. Some of the major scholarship opportunities provided by LBEF College are as follows:

  1. Merit Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to candidates based on their performance in the Common Entrance Examination of LBEF Campus and the final examinations of APU University.
  2. National ICT Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded to candidates of B.Sc. IT (Hons.). The minimum requirement for this scholarship is the completion of the intermediate level. Additionally, priority is given to female students to enhance educational opportunities for young women.
  3. Gyandeep Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded based on the percentage obtained by candidates at the intermediate level.


Facilities for the students of LBEF College are as follows:

  • Library with a pile of over 5000 books and subscriptions to 15 print newspapers and six magazines,
  • Online access to 10 lakhs + online books through premium electronic resources such as ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Science Direct, Springer Link, Emerald, AIM Global, and IMF,
  • Access to over 5000 professional online courses from leading universities and companies is available through Coursera,
  • Spacious, well-lit, and airy lecture rooms,
  • Student learning hub, which provides space for leisurely activities, 
  • Computer labs to meet the basic requirements of the IT programs,
  • Four months of industrial/internship training,
  • 100% job placement assistance (for BSc IT Cloud Engineering),


The various programs at LBEF Campus are as follows:

BBM (Hons.) - E-Business

The BBM (Hons) E-Business program is a three-year undergraduate course designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of e-business concepts, strategies, and practices. With a total of 123 credit hours, this program offers a well-rounded education in the field of e-business, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. The program encompasses 36 intensive modules focused on e- business, 21 tailor-made assignments, and includes an internship placement at leading e-business enterprises.

The curriculum covers subjects such as marketing, finance, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. Through case studies, group projects, and industry interactions, students develop a holistic understanding of business operations and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in managerial roles. Graduates of the BBM program can pursue careers in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, and consulting.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The MBA program at LBEF College is a prestigious course designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in business administration and leadership. With a total of 60 credit hours, this program offers a comprehensive education in various aspects of business, preparing them for managerial roles in diverse industries. The program is conducted in academic collaboration with the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) in Malaysia, ensuring high-quality education and international exposure. The MBA program at LBEF College is structured to cover core business subjects, electives, and practical experiences.

The course is available in two shift options - morning shift and weekend shift for workers to balance work commitments. The program offers specialized tracks in areas such as Banking, Commerce, Human Resources Manpower, Information Technology, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Leadership.

MSc ITM (Master of Science in Information Technology Management)

The MSc ITM program at LBEF focuses on the strategic and managerial aspects of information technology. The curriculum covers subjects such as IT governance, project management, IT infrastructure management, data analytics, and digital transformation. Students develop a deep understanding of how technology can be effectively utilized to drive business innovation and achieve organizational goals.

The MSc ITM program at LBEF College is available in two shift options – morning shift and weekend shift. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, enabling graduates to pursue careers as IT managers, technology consultants, IT project managers, and business analysts.

BSc IT(Hons) Cloud Engineering

The BSc IT (Hons) - Cloud Engineering program at LBEF College is a three-year 123 credit course designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing technologies and their practical applications. This program offers a well-rounded education in cloud engineering. Students have the opportunity to work on cloud-based projects, solve complex problems, and develop practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace.

BSc IT (Hons) – Cloud Engineering students are provided with 3 international certifications from Amazon Web Services (AWS). 100% job placement is guaranteed for them in the Cloud Computing industry enrolled in this program.

Graduates of the program can pursue a wide range of career opportunities in . They can work as cloud architects, cloud consultants, cloud administrators, cloud security specialists or developers in various industries. The demand for skilled cloud professionals is continuously growing, and graduates of this program are well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.

BSc IT(Hons) [Bachelor of Science in Information Technology]

The BSc IT (Hons) program is a highly regarded course that offers students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of information technology. This program provides a well-rounded education in various IT domains and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the industry.

It is a 3 years program consisting of 123 credit hours. The curriculum covers subjects such as programming, database management, network administration, web development. Students gain practical skills through hands-on projects and internships, preparing them for careers as IT professionals in various domains such as software development, system administration and database management, Overall, the BSc IT (Hons) program with its comprehensive curriculum, industrial internship training, and career prospects makes it an excellent choice for graduates aspiring to build a successful career in the dynamic field of information technology.