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Lumbini Engineering College

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Lumbini Medical College (LMC) is located at Tansen, Palpa. Understanding the need for a Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Lumbini Medical College came in demand and immediately a 100-bed hospital was founded in the year 2063 B.S. with authorization from the Ministry of Health and Population. As health is a major duty of the government, it is also a sector full of problems where people hope and demand for betterment in health sector. Because of this, a large project was used in a stepwise process by deploying local regional Nepalese enterprisers. Lumbini Medical College (LMC) is affiliated to Kathmandu University, before the association to Kathmandu University LMC had an opportunity to impressively and beautifully organize the fourth National Surgical Conference of the Society of Surgeon of Nepal on 22nd -23re December 2007. LMC has also been given permission to execute the Nursing Program which has further widened the scope for producing capable manpower. The energetic attempt has successfully been paid in receiving an association from the acclaimed Kathmandu University of Nepal on 16th November 2008. LMC is also in the process to be written in the World Dictionary of Medical School by WHO.

In the history of Medical Science, LMC has given enough focus on research in different areas needing great attention. So, LMC focus on carrying out research in existing and newly appearing health problems that scare the local communities.

Why Lumbini Engineering College ?

LMC offers excellent opportunity to those students who are looking forward to acquire quality education and spearhead their careers in right direction. The Location of the College offers the students an exciting opportunity to study at advanced level and work with other students in a challenging, stimulating and rewarding environment. The LMC team is committed towards larger purpose of nation building by way of enhancing medical capability and availability of healthcare services to all including those in the rural and urban areas of the nation.

The various programs at Lumbini Engineering College are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Are you planning to pursue a career in IT field? Know why to join Lumbini Engineering College. Browse for more details to know about fee structure, academic requirement and procedure, eligibility criteria and many other details.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Are you looking forward to enhancing your knowledge in Civil Engineering? Lumbini Engineering college provides you with a sustainable environment to achieve success in Civil Engineering. To know more browse the link.

MSc Construction Management

PCL Nursing

This program is of three-year course. The objective of this program is to produce a middle-level nursing manpower to be capable of handling the function of preventive, primitive, curative and holistic care. The candidate must secure at least grade C in SEE/SLC examination form renowned academic institution and an average GPA of at least 2. An entrance examination will be held in which the candidate must secure 50% marks. This PCL Nursing program targets to prepare the first level of a professional nursing human resource that could provide nursing care at community /institute level with their professional skills and way of behaving in class. Later they can take the leadership role in managing client/ patient care in the hospital as well as in the community settings. 

Diploma in Computer Engineering