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Lumbini ICT Campus is one of the finest T.U affiliated colleges located outside the valley which resides at Gaindakot, Nawalparasi. Established in the year 2075 B.S—it offers the students of the district brilliant opportunities to excel at computer science and hotel management without having to relocate to Kathmandu.

Lumbini ICT campus embarks on this journey with an unobtrusive vision to assist every student in the realization of their true hidden potential. Furthermore, Lumbini ICT ensures that the door of opportunity is open to their students at any time and that they have the tools necessary to encapsulate following junctures.

Likewise, Lumbini ICT advances with a mission to be as technologically distinct from other colleges as possible. And the objective of such ordaining is being capable of harvesting highly empowered human resources in this world of cutting-edge technology. For that purpose, Lumbini ICT is committed to regularly update syllables in accordance to what the need demands. At length, Lumbini ICT campus offers Bachelor level academic programs that are commonly popular: BSc. CSIT, BIM, BCA, and BHM.

Why ?

The profound dedication of the management committee is the number one reason as to why you must choose your Bachelor level study at Lumbini ICT. Second being the professional band of administrative staff—who are, metaphorically speaking—flesh and bone of any educational institution. For the most part, these expert tutors are regarded eminently in their respective fields. And thirdly, all of these candid talents put together in the same atmosphere of the college is bound to reap benefits.

The approach of study is fully pragmatic in order to give the students a hint or a sense of a problem they can face in a real life scenario. Moreover, it is made possible by the fully functioning and equipped computer labs that gives practicality an edge theoretical practice. Last but least, Lumbini ICT has very affordable admission fees and board members who are in a friendly-term with public bodies, other educational institutions, and international ICT partners.

Scholarships at

Scholarships are provided to students whose GPA are in agreement to the college policy regarding scholarships. It is also available for students showing promising signs of omitting splendid results.


Aside from academic standpoint, Lumbini ICT also has a hand in facilitating several Extra Curriculum courses and packages for students that show keen interest in any activity that falls under the respective category. Experts from abroad and inside the valley periodically frequent the college in order to mentor students who display outstanding performance in sports.

The various programs at are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Ongoing Admission
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