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Madan Ashrit Memorial Multiple Campus

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Phone: 01-9752600288

Madan Ashrit Memorial Multiple Campus was established in memory of two political leaders, Comrade Madan Bhandari and Comrade Jeevraj Ashrit. It is located in Topgachhi, a village development committee of Jhapa district, which lies in the eastern region of Nepal. The institution has been affiliated with Tribhuwan University since its establishment and is continuously contributing to the education sector of Nepal by providing quality teaching at a moderate price.


Madan Ashrit Memorial Multiple Campus specializes in providing two academic programs of different faculties: Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). This institution aims to prepare students with quality schooling in the business field so that they can compete in the present business world. Besides management and business education, it also offers students effective training in the teaching and education sectors. Through these programs, Madan Campus has been successfully bringing out many professionals in the job market. Highly qualified and experienced educators are an asset to this institution, and these professionals are actively engaged in delivering the best possible teaching.


The education system in Jhapa district has improved in the past few years, and Madan Ashrit Memorial Multiple Campus has played a vital role in this development as it is one of the few colleges in the district to provide undergraduate programs.

Why Madan Ashrit Memorial Campus ?

Besides regular teaching and learning, Madan Campus aims to provide quality schooling to the students and prepare them for higher studies. The college is committed to preparing students to adapt to and cope with the present competitive business world. The institution seeks to deliver practical knowledge and skills so that it can help students develop into successful professionals in various sectors in the future. The institution believes in offering quality schooling to everyone, irrespective of caste, gender, ethnicity, etc., at a moderate price. We can say that the college has been actively contributing to the improvement of the schooling system, although it is away from the developed part of the country.


Regarding facilities, the college provides all kinds of resources, such as computer labs, a library, well-furnished classrooms, and a hygienic cafeteria, which are essential requirements of today's generation of colleges.

The various programs at Madan Ashrit Memorial Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you are looking forward to joining a course that is internationally acceptable at the same time affordable? Then, sharpen and upgrade your knowledge in the field of business at Madan Ashrit Memorial Multiple Campus. Browse the link and learn more details regarding course.

Bachelor of Education

Madan Ashrit Memorial Campus offers Bachelor of Education that is a program for entering into the educational sector and getting the ultimate course for the students interested in teaching. Browse the link to get more information.