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Maiya Devi Campus

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Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) was founded in 1997 as a higher secondary school for leading ladies through education and developing self-supporting attitudes in girls. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU).

Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Maiya Devi College is at the center of Bharatpur city. The credit for the beginning of the college's existence goes to the locals, the public, social workers, and other well-known people, especially Ms. Maiya Devi Shrestha, an honorable financial supporter of the college. MDGC has obtained its place of pride through the vision of the team of academics and professional staff. The institution staff is dedicated to making the best outcomes for students academically and personally. To cultivate a sense of social and national responsibility in each student is the vision of the institution. The institution provides advanced teaching by using the latest technologies and techniques to improve the quality of education for all the girl students.

The mission of the MDGC is to promote academic excellence by providing functional and skill-based education to every student. To provide a friendly place for learning where all students take pleasure in learning and accomplishing challenges Maiya Devi's college is the best. The first mission is to give priority to women in education and prepare them to become knowledgeable and skilled. The institution dreams of women being leaders in different fields, as it is dedicated to quality in the academic sector.



Different types of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and other reading articles are available in the wide area of the library. The Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) has kept a due focus on the development of the library and has regularly updated the library, which allows the students to read and borrow books.

Computer Lab:

Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) has a well-equipped and well-managed computer lab in a separate area. This facility has benefited the students by giving them access to the internet and e-mail.

Extracurricular Activities:

The institution is fully aware of the extra facilities like sports and entertainment, except for learning and teaching. The extracurricular activities help to develop the personalities of students. Different sports programs, research-oriented programs, quiz contests, and others are done.

Why Maiya Devi Campus

As the institution is located in the prime location of Chitwan, Bharatpur, the education at Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) has an educational and friendly environment. Maiya Devi Girls’ College (MDGC) offers both English and Nepali-medium classes in clean and well-furnished classrooms. The teachers are well-experienced and committed. The institution has a well-equipped computer lab, a wide playground, and a library for students. The pass rate of Maiya Devi Girl’s College is 93%, with distinction in every TU and HSEB result, including the MA topper. Maiya Devi Girl’s College (MDGC) is established and well respected in the community because of its disciplined students. The relationship between teacher and students is harmonious, which creates a perfect learning and teaching environment.

The various programs at Maiya Devi Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Thinking to study Bachelor of Business Studies? Enrol at Maiya Devi Campus for studying a wide range of management specialisation for acquiring advance knowledge in BBS. Learn more on details about this college 

Bachelor of Education

Planning to pursue your career in the education field at Maiya Devi Campus? Also, achieve the benefit of studying in a supportive environment. Browse to gain more knowledge on the course and joining us.

Bachelor of Arts

Find out the reasons why to join Bachelor of Arts at Maiya Devi Campus and also gain an extensive knowledge and hands on training by studying Bachelor of Arts. Also, achieve the benefits of studying in a supportive environment.

MA in Population Studies

Master of Business Studies

PCL Nursing

+2 Education

+2 Management