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Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus was established in the memory of the great martyr Shree Ramnath Dahal, who had contributed his life for the nation. This college was established with the objective of providing quality education that is accessible to everyone. Hence, Martyr Ramnath Campus offers both higher secondary and bachelor level programs to all the students at an affordable price.

Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus is situated at Vanasthali Chowk, Kathmandu. It is a convenient place for the students from all around the valley, as it lies on the ring road and public transportation is easily accessible. The premises of this college are calm and peaceful, hence providing the best environment for the students so that they can continue to learn without any disturbances. The college is affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) for providing +2 programs in management and humanities. Similarly, it also provides various undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. ), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). The college focuses mainly on providing the best possible education in the management and arts faculties.

The college believes that the participation and interaction of students are the keys to the best academic results. Hence, Matyr Ramnath Multiple Campus encourages students to explore their potentialities and become more interactive instead of just giving lectures to them. Highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicating their time and effort day and night in order to lead the students towards academic excellence. Leaving behind the traditional teaching system, Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus is dedicated to providing modern and advanced education in such a way that it touches the lives of everyone.


Besides being located in a convenient location, this college also provides various infrastructure and facilities, such as spacious classrooms, well-managed libraries, clean drinking water, a cafeteria with hygienic food, washrooms, and many more. Moreover, it also encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities and showcase their talents in many areas. Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus has implemented a modern way of learning and has a record of success and achievements.

The various programs at Martyr Ramnath Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Martyr Ramnath Multiple (MRM) Campus has designed the degree Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) provides students to broaden their knowledge and make individual an efficient and capable managers in any sector of a businesslike task in this rapidly changing situations. For information on how MRM campus handles BBS and its features, click on the link.

Bachelor of Education

Martyr Ramnath Multiple (MRM) Campus offers students a 3years course in Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) which assist individual to become teacher, educators and all sort of human resources needed for the education sector of Nepal. Click the link for more information.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts(B.A) program in Martyr Ramnath Multiple (MRM) Campus is designed to equip students with cultures as well as personal skills which any individual can apply in shadowing their career and in making contributions to the government, economy, and society. Browse the link for more info.