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Matribhumi Campus

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Matribhumi Campus is situated at Sundarbazar, Lamjung. Sundarbazar is the education center of Lamjung district where the people from this district are getting an opportunity to acquire an academic qualification. Since its establishment, Matribhumi Campus has been offering undergraduate program Bachelor of Education under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University(TU).

Matribhumi Campus established this undergraduate scheme with an aim to encourage the people into the education sector. This program is offered to the individuals who want to build their career path by contributing in the schooling system. Since its establishment, this college has been running this course with the guidance of qualified teachers with the mission to provide standard academic excellence. B.Ed program prepares you to cope up with challenging world developing your skills and compete professionally.

Matribhumi Campus not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also believes in discovering the ability of the students and encouraging them with the practical learning experience. With the knowledge gained from this course, students will be able to identify their area of interest and hence can specialize in the interested subjects. This college effort to help out those students to accomplish their mission transforming them into a professional level product.

The various programs at Matribhumi Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Education

Join Bachelor of Education at Matribhumi Campus and explore your skills in the area of your interest and get professionalized for the improvement of education sector. Know more about the course and benefits of studying at this college from the link.