MBBS Entrance Exam

The Medical Education Commission in Nepal regulates MBBS entrance exams for medical aspirants in Nepal. Nowadays MBBS entrance exam is a part of CEE.  Prospective students in medical science who want to pursue their career in MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing/BASLP/ B Perfusion Technology take the CEE entrance exam in Major. After pupils have gained more than equal to 50 percentiel score in aggregate in this entrance exam then only they are eligible to enroll in Medical College in Nepal. Tribhuvan University, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Kathmandu University, and Karnali Academy of Health Sciences are the institutes are few institutes that are on the priority list of students to get medical education. 

MBBS entrance exam is one of the very popular and very tough entrance exams in Nepal. This is the most competitive and highly respected examination because nearly 30 thousand to 40 thousand students appear in the MBBS entrance exam, to get a seat in the total available seats of 1925 in which only 452 are provided full scholarships in Nepal.

Benefits of MBBS Entrance Exam:

What are the advantages of the MBBS entrance exam?

MBBS entrance exam has an abundant amount of benefits. Some of the major benefits of the MBBS entrance exam are as follows:

  1. This improves instantaneous problem-solving abilities in students and provides experience in taking tough exams. 

  2. Students can choose the medical colleges and faculty of their choice with the help of a good exam score.

  3. MBBS is a very costly educational program and students can save a lot of money with the help of scholarships that are granted to the students with a high rank in the entrance exam.

  4. It can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. After which you can work on your weakness, overcome it, and secure good scores in the other attempt CEE or related field.

MBBS Entrance Exam Question format:

The questions are asked in a multiple-choice format where a total of four options will be provided for each question. A total of two hundred questions are asked in this exam in which each question has a weightage of one mark. Of those 200 questions, eighty questions are asked from biology (40 botany+40 zoology), fifty questions from physics, fifty questions from chemistry, and twenty questions from the mental ability test. There will be a negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer attempted, there will be no negative marking on questions that are not attempted. Students should review the syllabus carefully before starting to prepare for this exam. Having extra knowledge is good, however, it might not help you crack this examination.

Eligibility criteria for the MBBS Entrance Exam:

Medical Education Commission has set standard that have to be fulfilled by medical aspirant students to appear in the MBBS entrance exam in Nepal. These norms are listed below:

  1. Students need to graduate plus two in science faculty from the biology group with at least fifty percent in total of 2.4 GPA. 

  2. Students from the A-level programs should have scored the equivalent of above or equal to fifty percent or a 2.4 GPA of NEB. 

  3.  Applicants from a Diploma level in health science are required to have passed the Health Science Proficiency Certificate Level and should have coursework on physics, chemistry, and biology and they need to score at least 50% on the diploma as well as in NEB equivalence and be registered in NHP council or Nepal Pharmacy Council or Nepal Ayurveda Council as per related educational program. 

Preparation of MBBS Entrance Exam:

It is tough to prepare for the MBBS entrance exam. If students have invested their honest time in MBBS entrance preparation it will always benefit them. During this period, you will get in-depth knowledge of various topics that pupils might have overlooked in high school. To help students in the preparation for the MBBS entrance exam, many institutions have been established in Nepal. They offer standard education with the help of qualified teachers.

Here are the institutes that provide MBBS entrance preparations for the above institutes MBBS admission for each year as follows:

  1. Vibrant MBBS preparation

  2. NIMS Institute

  3. Name MBBS Preparation

  4. Orbital Education Foundation

  5. Hope

  6. Nine Institute

  7. Neema Medical

The objective of those preparation classes

The objectives of providing MBBS entrance preparation classes in Nepal are:

  1. To provide lessons to improve the performance for the MBBS entrance exam using model exam questions

  2. To help students effective time management skills. 

  3. To produce successful candidates for medical college with rigorous practice, training, and coaching

  4. To help students get scholarships from principal institutions offering MBBS programs in Nepal

  5. To provide materials, resources, and e-learning for MBBS entrance exam preparations.

  6. To grant exposure to the MBBS entrance examination by conducting weekly model tests. 

Benefits for students from these institutes:

How can you benefit from CEE preparation institutes?

MBBS entrance exam preparation has lots of benefits for your personal and professional growth. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  1. These institutes will make you fully prepared before the main entrance exam date. 

  2. MBBS entrance preparation classes are taught by professionals working in the medical field and you get exposure to updates in the medical industry. 

  3. These institutions provide you with ample resources and learning material and will boost your confidence with regular mock exams.

  4. These institutes help students be updated with the number of scholarships available and the number of seats available in the medical colleges in Nepal

  5. In addition to that, students can get good prizes after they have scored a high rank in the MBBS entrance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The exam centers for the MBBS exam or CEE are commonly allocated within Kathmandu Valley.

Nepali students need to pay Rs. 4000 from Himalaya Bank Limited to take the MBBS entrance exam in Nepal.

Institutes in Nepal charge you around Rs. 31-32 thousand for complete MBBS preparation classes in Nepal.

Institutes offer entrance preparation classes for 4-5 months.

A total of 3 hours is allotted to complete 200 questions during the MBBS entrance exam or CEE in Nepal.